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DataQlick – is the software for Integrated Inventory and Order Management between Ecommerce and Accounting.

DataQlick tracks all sales transactions from connected ecommerce platforms, recording them directly into your accounting system. It syncs and adjusts inventory levels automatically across all connected channels and locations. All of it is done in real time (some platforms may require 15 or 30 min intervals in data updates).


In three simple steps

1. Connect Ecommerce

Connect DataQlick with your accounting (QBO or Xero) and ecommerce platforms. Watch all your items and sales populate automatically into DataQlick.

2. Link Items

Link matching SKU items from your ecommerce inventory to the items in your accounting system with a single click. Or link them as they are sold.

3. Start Recording

Turn recording of either sales receipts or invoicing on and let DataQlick do the rest.


Manage the complexity


  • Save time and money by automating bookkeeping & reducing manual data entry
  • Put your mind at ease knowing that your e-commerce accounting is accurate and up-to-date
  • Optimize and simplify preorders, backorders, and order splitting by utilizing sales orders
  • Rely on a more accurate inventory count from properly recorded sales and returns
  • Properly record shipping, discounts and sales tax
  • Streamline shipping with Amazon FBA fulfillment order routing



Get it all!

Complete Inventory Management

Monitor and manage inventory across all connected ecommerce platforms and multiple physical locations.
Buy and sell from your inventory quickly. Generate sales orders for backorders. Use multiple currencies. Save time and money with DataQlick’s color-coded inventory system, which shows over and under stock levels at a glance.

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Multiple Sales Channels Sync

Do you sell on multiple ecommerce sites? DataQlick’s powerful algorithms monitor all of them and automatically adjusts inventory levels on all connected platforms when an item is sold on one of them. You can also control product pricing for each channel from one single dashboard inside DataQlick.

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Automated Sales Transactions Recording

A sale means two things: a change in inventory and a financial transaction. DataQlick does both – simultaneously and automatically. We fully integrate your inventory management with your ecommerce platforms and your accounting system, recording sales as they happen directly into your QBO or Xero account.

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Multiple Locations and Warehouses

Instant insight into multiple places where your products are stored. Full control for all inventory locations. Transfer inventory from one location to another with 2 clicks. Track transfers in-progress and receipts easily. DataQlick helps you make better decisions for your business based on accurate inventory levels in all your locations.

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Power of Purchase Orders, Bills

Create & manage purchases effortlessly and accurately. Purchases orders stay in DataQlick for easy retrieval and tracking. Receive partial inventory and make payments in advance by creating Bills in your accounting system. We even handle landed cost no matter if the additional expenses are paid before or after the product has been received.

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Assemblies, Bundles and Kits, BOMs and Work Orders

Bundles use individual pieces from your inventory. Populate your Bill of Materials (BOM) in one step. Create bundles inside a bundle. Manage assembly work orders easily. Eliminate shortages arising from bundling mistakes as DataQlick creates bundles and kits based on existing inventory and adjusts numbers accordingly.

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Amazon FBA Fulfillment Routing

DataQlick can route orders from connected ecommerce platforms to your Amazon FBA account for automatic fulfillment. We also record all sales and fees into your accounting system accurately every reporting period with just one click.

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Deposit Matching Solution

DataQlick has an easy to use deposit matching feature that ensures your sales and fees match your bank deposits.

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What Our Customers Are Saying?


The customer service is excellent, they truly care about their customers!
We have been using this app for over 6 months and I can now say this is the best and most powerful app I have ever used for this process. We have saved countless hours and highly recommend choosing this app for your inventory and accounting management needs.

Scorpius Tactical

This app saves me hours and records everything accurately!
I’m a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and use DataQlick for two of my customers. Sales from Shopify and Amazon FBA
integrate seamlessly with QBO. It also allows for inventory assemblies (much like QB Enterprise) and handles
the component quantities perfectly in QBO.

Crown Nine Jewelry Boutique

Time-Saving Sales Sync.
DataQlick saves me hours of time by automatically syncing the sales between Shopify and QBO for one of my clients (I am a QuickBooks ProAdvisor). The software is simple to set-up and easy to use. It eliminates data entry errors and automates my daily work flow process. The customer service is exceptional! I am now connecting DataQlick with another customer, automating their Amazon FBA account and recording all the fees accurately and effortlessly. This is the best software integration tool available for eCommerce platforms.

Sandra MorganProAdvisor Consultant

Excellent App For Management Reporting.
DataQlick has now become my go to app for keeping my clients updated with customized management reports that are both intuitive, and easy to analyze.

Charlie ZNY, USA

Efficient And Easy To Use!!!
No matter what department you work in or size of your company, this app is for you. I’m glad that I found it.
functions are high quality and very useful for making informed decisions without wasting time.

PhyllisNV, USA

Makes Reports Easy To Understand.
This is a very useful app for anyone who is serious about keeping on top of their business position, at all times.

Peggy CVA, USA

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