Your Inventory. Your Accounting. Perfect Harmony.

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Introducing DataQlick

DataQlick seamlessly integrates your inventory management with your accounting software in one unified platform... and makes both of them better.

Your favorite ecommerce platform. Your favorite accounting bookkeeping software.
Together in one cloud.


End-to-end business management in the palm of your hand.

Check inventory and re-order items. View sales across platforms. Run your business from anywhere using just your phone. No other app comes close to this level of control.


Complete Business Operation. Simplified.

  • Our incredibly powerful platform integrations combine with smart process automation to streamline your business, save you time, and make you money.
  • Watch as sales transactions from one platform automatically appear in your accounting software – with no interaction from you. No imports, no syncs. It just happens.
  • Ground level or a 20,000-foot view – DataQlick helps you spot shortfalls before they
    become an issue and capitalize on momentum while you have it.
  • Easily setup and manage multiple storefronts, warehouses, and any other physical or online location.
  • 2-click inventory transfer
  • Includes features usually reserved for enterprise-level platforms such as Bundles, Bills of Materials, and management of multiple locations.
  • Sync inventory levels across multiple platforms (Shopify – Ebay – Amazon - Magento - QuickBooks Online).



Unify online and offline inventory

Control inventory across unlimited physical and virtual locations, warehouses and POS with DataQlick. See your inventory, invoices and purchase orders at-a-glance in one consolidated view, sync inventory across multiple locations and monitor products in real time. Move inventory between virtual and physical locations with Warehouse Transfers.

Sell on multiple channels with ease and grow your revenue

List your products on a new channel in minutes and link related products. Sync customer info, inventory levels and sales data automatically across channels - and with your accounting software.

Eliminate overstocking and understocking

Automate inventory reorder and identify overstock and understock instantly with DataQlick's color coded inventory system. Configure reorder points, lead times and suppliers and view products by stock status Replenish inventory with just a few clicks.

Get meaningful data at your fingertips

Track how your business is performing across multiple channels and export performance by item, customer, salesperson, department, or store to identify sales trends early and respond swiftly to boost profitability. Create comprehensive reports in seconds and visualize data with attractive graphs.

Manage your inventory on the go with DataQlick mobile - our robust mobile app!

Track inventory, list products and reorder with DataQlick Mobile (in Beta) and get instant updates on stock, invoices and shipping. Our app is fully integrated with QuickbooksOnline, Xero and Sage One and automatically syncs all of your records and transactions with your preferred accounting program - in real time.

Transition smoothly with our risk-free, frustration-free Onboarding!

We'll set up your sales channels and transfer all of the data from your current inventory management program so you can start selling with DataQlick effortlessly.



Ecommerce, Marketplaces and POS

Accounting System

What our customers are saying


“I love the various management reports that this app generates quickly and easily. The inventory functions are high quality and very useful for making informed decisions without wasting time.”

Chelsea R – MI, USA

Useful And User Friendly.

"DataQlick has now become my go to app for keeping my clients updated with customized management reports that are both intuitive, and easy to analyze. "

Charlie Z – NY, USA

Excellent App For Management Reporting.

"The features of this app go beyond just reporting the numbers. DataQlick provides features to easily quickly spot trends, outlines and issues.”

Kevin S – FL, USA

Enlivens Data For Informed Decision Making.

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