Lack of organization or specialized resources? …

Missing reliable information?

Wasting time? Doing double work?

Let Simplicity Work For You


Remove the pain out of complex inventory problems and
protect your most valuable business component.

Automation of product Purchasing, sales Analysis and data Synchronization with your accounting software

Get more done with less time.


DataQlick is a Complete Inventory Control System. Its automation of purchase order management is fully integrated with popular accounting software QuickBooks and Xero.


DataQlick makes complex tasks simple, easy and affordable!

Run DataQlick and Run Smoother

Sell, Buy, Forecast and Track it all accurately in one place

Sell, Buy, Forecast and Track Simple and concise view of multiple sales channels. Create Invoices and Purchase Orders on the spot. Use intelligent proprietary Sales forecasting with proactive purchasing recommendations. Sync is automatic with your favorite accounting program to eliminate double and redundant work.

Cash-In Business Intelligence

Cash-In Business Intelligence Be stunned at how easy DataQlick prepares instant full Comprehensive Analysis. Track and export performance by item, customer, sales person, department or store location to identify sales trends early and respond intelligently to boost your bottom line. Visualize it with beautiful charts.

Manage Bundles and Assembly Kits

Manage Bundles and Assembly Kits Assembly Kits or Product Bundles driving complexity? Products can be easy to deal with even if comprised of one or more parts. Create, manage and keep track of all your assemblies and bundles. We make this process SIMPLE.

Automated Reorder Inventory Management

Automated Reorder Inventory Management Selling products online, in-store or multiple places? DataQlick eliminates confusion and lack of organization. Be confident – the products that are selling are in stock and ready to ship. No overstocking or understocking. Make inventory replenishment a snap with color-coordinated inventory statuses.

About Us

DataQlick – is an inventory management cloud-based software – fully integrated with accounting platforms like QuickBooks , Xero or Sage One.
It automatically forecasts the number of units to replenish for each product and provides re-order recommendations. Demand-driven product purchasing systems help to keep stocks under control.

Connect and manage inventory from multiple ecommerce sales channels, stores and warehouse locations in one single place.

Comprehensive automated analysis delivers essential insights to keep track of your inventory and to elevate your business performance including revenue, profits, gross margin, and more.

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What People are Saying

Lengthy time spent in creating monthly or quarterly reporting can be reduced substantially by using DataQlick.
Ron S – MI 48364, USAPowerful Reporting.
The features of this app go beyond just reporting the numbers. DataQlick provides features to easily quickly spot trends, outlines and issues.
Kevin S – FL, USAEnlivens Data For Informed Decision Making.
This is a very useful app for anyone who is serious about keeping on top of their business position, at all times.
Peggy C – VA, USAMakes Reports Easy To Understand.
No matter what department you work in or size of your company, this app is for you. I'm glad that I found it.
Phyllis – Las Vegas, NVEfficient And Easy To Use!!!
DataQlick has now become my go to app for keeping my clients updated with customized management reports that are both intuitive, and easy to analyze.
Charlie Z – NY, USAExcellent App For Management Reporting.
I love the various management reports that this app generates quickly and easily. The inventory functions are high quality and very useful for making informed decisions without wasting time.
Chelsea R – MI, USAUseful And User Friendly.
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