About DashboardStream Software

"We champion better software applications that help you achieve your business goals with fewer clicks."

Our Company

The best software solutions are created when great people come together to solve a problem.

DashboardStream is a software development company based in California. Founded in 2015 out of passion to help small business owners achieve higher productivity through automation, DashboardsStream has made SIMPLIFICATION its mantra. Businesses deal with complex problems and our goal is to create software that stands out and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

With a background rooted in project management, business planning, forecasting and computer science, we are able to work with our customers and add features and functionality to our applications that make sense for everyday business owners and are easy and frustration-free to implement.

{ I spent 21 years in business planning, forecasting and backlog management, with the last 17 years in a very complex supply chain of a semiconductor company. Productivity and processes automation were always the area of my expertise. I wanted to make an impact and create a product that could improve someone’s life. At one point, I stumbled across an ecommerce business management issue. I found that it was incredibly complicated to manage product sales on multiple platforms and many aspiring merchants burnt out trying to balance their website, Amazon and Ebay. I saw the challenge and was hooked! Fast forward 2 years and we have DataQlick – the complete inventory automation solution! In the process of building DataQlick, I built an amazing team of passionate, knowledgeable professionals and I couldn’t be more proud of their work.

-Gennady Batrakov, Founder

Our Team

Gennady Batrakov

Founder and CEO
Just do it!


Dev Team Manager
(DataQlick Inventory)
Doing architecture for cool products.


Dev Team Manager
(Bubbles Planner)


Admin Support
Getting started is half the battle.


Simplify & automate inventory management.


Simplify & automate inventory management.


Simplify & automate inventory management.


Non progredi est regredi.




Simple things must remain simple.


Simplify & automate inventory management.


Quality Control
Quality is not an act, it is a habit.


Article Writer
Let deeds match words.

Our Mission

DashboardStream is on a mission to create software that helps entrepreneurs get a better handle on managing their businesses, with fewer clicks

Our flagship product, DataQlick, is a robust cloud inventory management platform that automates most manual processes present in other platforms, simplifies and speeds up inventory control and reordering, and connects all of your distribution channels and inventory to a single dashboard, e-commerce unifying multiple e-commerce platforms with business accounting software.

Our Vision

To become internationally recognized for our out-of-the-box software solutions and make DataQlick a leading inventory management platform for ecommerce businesses across the globe.

Our Values

\ We believe in working passionately. We also like to have fun and appreciate a sense of humor.

\ We believe in putting integrity first. We are committed to keeping our promises and we’ve done a great job with that as we implement all of the features our customers requested.

\ We believe in being genuine and sincere. Individually and as an organization. We do what we say and say what we do. We cannot pretend.

\ We believe our employees and customers deserve dependability. We do everything in our power to be available, to avoid platform downtime and to keep our customers updated.

\ We believe that caring for our customers, employees and community is a responsibility. If someone needs our help – we will do whatever it takes to be of assistance.

\ We believe that innovation drives progress and energizes business success. In the name of innovation, we are not afraid to take a few calculated risks and step into unknown.

\ We stand against poorly developed inventory management platforms that are limited in function, take forever to set up and are difficult to understand.

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