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Billed annually or
$59 month-to-month



Billed annually or
$99 month-to-month



Billed annually or
$139 month-to-month


Additional Sales Channel

$40 /mo

Or additional 2000 monthly orders
or additional 10000 products

Plan Details




Number of sales channelsAny ecommerce platform is a sales channel. 1 2 3
Record sales transactions into accounting systemRecord sales from any connected ecommerce platform as invoice or sales receipt. Yes Yes Yes
Number of usersUnlimited number of users can access DataQlick simultaneously. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
AccountingFull integration with Accounting software (QuickBooks Online and Xero). R R R
Monthly ordersSales transactions recorded from any sales channel into accounting system only counted (invoices and sales receipts). Up to 500 Up to 2000 Up to 4000+
Automated syncWith every sale on connected platformes quantity adjustments are made for linked items. Real time processign when possible and 30-mins scheduled if not. real time * real time * real time *
Number of productsNumber of products managed. 1000 7000 15000
Bundles/kitsAdvanced inventory and non-inventory bundles, assemblies, woork orders and transfers in between. R R
Multi locations & warehousingManage multiple stores & warehouses and controlled transfer of inventory. R R
Multi-user access: roles and permissionsCreate user roles with defined rules, access permissions and specific filter by products, customers or suppliers for users and user groups. R
API accessUse API to automate your processing. R
More details
Full Accounting syncAutomatic 2-way sync all data into accounting system. R R R
Record marketplace feesTrack and record all Amazon fees and fees from any other connected platforms. R R R
Multi-channel inventory syncUpdate inventory quantity and prices from single dashboard for channels and accounting. R R R
Amazon FBA routing orders for fulfilmentDataQlick can route any sales order genered on any connected sales channel (ecommerce platform) to be fulfilled by Amazon FBA. Simple settings, aptional approval stop. R R R
Products mapping (linking)Link products between sales channel and accounting system. R R R
Tax code mapping (linking)Flexibility to select sales tax code in either sales channel or accounting system. R R R
Primary channel allowanceAllow any sales channel to be used as primary and adjust inventory as needed from there. R R R
1-Click “Sync On Demand”Sync anytime and from anywhere to get the latest and greatest information on orders, item quantity, pricing and etc. R R R
Items measurements calculationCalculate total weight and cubic sq ft on invoice to assist in shipping decisions. R R R
Inventory history trackingTrack history on any quantity changes - who made it and when. Ability to restore in one click. R R R
Inventory Cycle countsCount inventory using mobile app (iphone). Store your cycle counts, review later. Keep good track records. R R R
Reorder points managementDynamically calculated inventory levels flagging system. Highly visible 4-flags of color coded understock/overstock inventory. R R R
Order managementExtensive filtering and searching abilities, import and export (csv), notes, pdf, email to customer or suppler. R R R
Support multiple payment methodsRecord sales from multiple payment platforms. R R R
Backorders & sales ordersCreate invoices directly from sales orders. Track order status. R R R
QuotesCreate and send estimates to potential customers. Easily turn them into invoices. R R R
Multiple price tiersAdded MSRP, Disctributor, wholesale and Special price tiers. R R R
Multiple CurrenciesSell using multiple currency options. R R R
Product Categories, Groups, BrandsOrganize your inventory. R R R
Powerful tagging systemUse tags on your inventory items for more powerful filtering. R R R
Class trackingTrack invoices and purchases by classes. R R R
Location trackingTrack invoices and purchases by location. R R R
Print packing slipsUse packing slips for warehouse fulfillment or to send to your customers. R R R
POS (iphone app)Ability to use mobile device for POS transactions. R R R
Payment processing (Stripe) integrationAbility to connect to your Stripe account to accept credit cards and process payments directly. R R R
Purchase ordersCreate one or multiple purchases orders at one time. R R R
Minimum and Maximum inventory levelsSet minimum and maximum inventory levels for easy purchasing decisions. R R R
Recommended & Optimized PODataQlick will assist you in purchasing and optimizing your inventory levels. R R R
Partial receiptsReceive and track partial purchase order receipts. R R R
Expiration dates assignmentAssign expiration dates to inventory items. R R R
Prepaid & Partial BillingTrack prepaid and partially paid bills and track correctly in your accounting method. R R R
Landing cost managementDataQlick will figure landed cost based on additional expenses related to inventory COGS. R R R
DropshipEasily track dropshipped orders. R R R
Manage customer typesAssign and filter by customer type. R R R
Supplier/Vendor managementFilter vendors by name, country and state. R R R
Barcode scanningAvailable currently on iOS app - DataQlick Mobile. R R R
Import and export dataImport and export lists and transactions. R R R
Reporting R R R
AnalyticsComprehensive sales and profitability analytics for sales channels. R R R
iPhone app90% of functionality is avaiable on moblie devide. R R R
Assembly & work ordersTrack assembly processes. R R
Inventory and non-inventory bundlesCreate bundles (assembled items) that can be tracked as separate items. R R
Inventory transfer ordersTrack in and out movement of inventory transfers. R R
Inventory receiptsReceive stock into a specific warehouse partial or complete. R R
Custom developmentCustom development is considered on preffered cost basis. R
New product listing (pending)Upload new products to connected ecommerce platforms. R R R
Barcode scanningWill be abvailable in web application. R R R
Volume based price tiers R R R
Discounted price tier levels R R R
Shipping integration (Shipstation, shipping info to create shipping labels. R R
Email and chat support R R R
Phone support R R R
Onboarding & Setup Assistance R R R
Training (1:1 online screen share) 2hr 4hr

Additional Sales Channels – $40 each
Additional Monthly Transactions – $40 per additional 2000
Additional Products – $40 per additional 10000

Hassle-Free Onboarding
(One-Time Fee)


Don’t have time for integration and on boarding? We can help.
Send us excel report file and we will integrate all of your data and facilitate your
DataQlick setup for a small fee.


Full accounting integration with QuickBooks Online

Accept payments by Stripe

Transaction recording into Accounting system


Sales orders & invoices

Advanced purchasing & bill processing

Supply chain view with 6 mo forecast ****

Purchasing recommended (calculated) replenishment

Full accounting integration with Xero

One dashboard for all connected channels

Unlimited products *

Unlimited transactions*

Unlimited customers *

Access anytime, anywhere

Multiple users

Accounting integration with Sage One ***

Free mobile app with any price plan

Multiple price tiers

Multiple currencies

Mobile app barcode scanning

Mobile app POS

Full email technical support

Inventory sync accross all connected channels

Unlimited Shopify stores

Unlimited E-bay stores

Unlimited Magento stores

Unlimited Amazon stores

Amazon FBA dashboard**

Regular application updates

* Limited only by price plan. Request more if limit reached.
** Amazon dashboard pending with release of Amazon FBA.
*** Sage One integration is on hold and soon to resume.
**** Forecasting view is under review and will be rolled out soon.

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Totally Free

Products – 10
Users – 1
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Products – 50
Users – 1
Transactions – 20 /mo
Purchase orders

$9.99 /mo

Gold Mobile

Products – 200
Users – 3
Transactions – 100 /mo
Purchase orders
Point of Sale (POS)
Multi locations

$19.99 /mo