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The connection between optimal inventory levels in the right locations and customer satisfaction isn’t hard to make. But is your inventory control and planning solution helping you increase customer service levels? If you’re not happy with the results, 2017 is the perfect year to improve them. Using a small business inventory app this year is a cheap and effective all-in-one solution to all your inventory management needs.

Getting Started

To keep your inventory well-balanced, avoiding shortages and stockpiles, you need accurate real-time data that allows you to make fast and confident decisions. With an effective item tracking, a reliable accounting solution, and a forecasting for small business app, this becomes much easier. You’ll have enough numbers to be able to set minimum order replenishment rules, as well as to drop from your catalog products that underperform.

Improving Stock Visibility

A key aspect of inventory optimization is having real-time visibility into your inventory across locations. This mean a platform that can bring together data from disparate stores and warehouses and combine it into an accurate overview of your business. With this data on hand, it’s possible to fill out shortages and gaps in your store more effectively. When a customer wants an item in a location where it has just become unavailable, you can send it from another location instead.

Meeting Stock Demands

Another way you can improve customer service levels is by offering your customers on your shelves more of what they want and less of what you think they want. An inventory control and planning solution with forecasting capabilities like DataQlick gives you deep stock performance insight. You can use this to fine-tune your purchase orders down to the smallest detail, taking into account buyer trends and seasonal variations.

How fast you can provide customers with stock information can also make a big difference. The more phone calls your in-store or online staff has to make before providing an answer, the longer the customer has to wait. Each new minute decreases their willingness to purchase. That’s why integrating a mobile inventory management app can have a huge impact on your customer service levels. Given the proper access rights, your in-store or online staff can check inventory at a glance right on their mobile devices. With a cloud-based inventory solution like DataQlick that is also available as a mobile app, there are no additional hardware costs.

High customer services levels are one of the top metrics for business success across industries. That’s why optimizing your inventory this year is such a great investment for your business.