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There was a time when all this had to be done on clay tablet, which then had to be a baked before sales data could be analyzed. Inventory management systems went through many stages before they became the paradigms of efficiency that we see today.

It is the merchants themselves that are sometimes reluctant to take full advantage of the cutting edge software solutions to inventory management, more’s the pity! With the mobile inventory management services at their disposal today, the task of managing the balance between sales and consumer demand is considerably less problematic.

From the storage pit to the modern warehouse facility, the success of a retail outlet has been dependent on the proper administration of the inventory. Following are three age old storage hazards that you can weed out of your business by updating from traditional inventory systems.

1. Miscommunication — Whether working with a small crew or multiple warehouse locations, communications are of vital importance. Traditionally this was based on word of mouth or recorded data, which can be subject to so much confusion. But by using a system that can be updated in real time and with an efficient barcode system, these problems are circumvented.

2. Lack of Control — Goods go missing, things break, perishables perish… it’s just a cost of business, right? Maybe, but it is an adjustable side of business. Properly stopping up the leaks in your system that is bleeding your vital resources is essential to preserving your No. 1 asset. This is easily accomplished if you can reach for your mobile device and immediately check on the conditions, shelf life and location of every item in stock — this will also make your venture appear a bit more professional to your valued consumers.

3. Lack of Intelligence — You can’t run a respectable business if you are making blind thrusts in progress’s general direction, you have to be decisive. Having all the statistical data at your fingertips to make important calls for restocking supplies and making future projections means your business will be working off a functioning plan, rather than hoping for the best.

The Solution

If you feel your business is suffering from one or more of these conditions, don’t panic! By applying the proper tools to the issue, in this case the integration of your accounting system and sales analyses to your inventory management data, you will have a better perspective on which areas need to be addressed.

The Takeaway: The tools you use to make the task of inventory management more manageable can greatly improve the function of your business. But they won’t by themselves. Taking the time to understand how your DataQlick inventory management software can integrate with your warehouse staff and their responsibilities, your mobile device and your accounting system is the only way that the these dangers can be fully avoided.