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With all the recent news about what business intelligence can do for any size company, more and more small businesses are getting on board and using BI methods and tools to their advantage. Even those who are eager to jump in feel a bit overwhelmed at first — not sure where or even how to begin. That’s why we’ve rounded up five top tips to help you get started.

  1. Start With What You Need …

Begin your business intelligence campaign by determining what you initially want to achieve. Maybe you want to use BI tools to purchase more wisely or kick-start a more focused marketing campaign. Set a specific goal then find out which business intelligence tools you’ll need to get you there.

  1. But Give Yourself Room to Grow

Business intelligence for small business is geared to expand with the company. Check out the integration and flexibility of any software packages you choose to include so that you know you’re creating a system that will be as flexible and resilient as you are.

  1. Use Business Intelligence to Meet Your Customers

Don’t limit what your business intelligence can do to internal changes. Use it to make marketing, promotions and customer service more effective and more personal. An improved service will impact your bottom line and your reputation.

  1. Stay Ahead of the Game by Reading the Latest News

Keep up with different advancements and approaches when it comes to data collection and how best to use the information by reading articles and posts from companies in the know. That should include any company you use for software as well as iconic players in the business world.

  1. Deal With People Who Understand

Check out software or service companies before you commit to bringing them into your strategy for business intelligence. A good software company will maintain a blog and offer information and advice on business management and data integration so that their customers always have the inside track.