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Connecting with customers is a challenge for every business. Luckily, the Internet has made it easier for companies to reach out and so we’ve gathered together 5 simple ways you can make customer outreach a priority in 2016.

Make Your Website User Friendly

This means more than just improving the layout and upgrading your content. Those elements are important, of course, but ensure your website is easy to use and navigate and that both current and potential customers can contact you easily. This means not requiring an account for everything so that new customers don’t feel pressured to give up their details just so they can log into the customer service FAQ.

Stick With Facebook

If you’re only going to invest time in one social media platform, make it Facebook. It’s still the best when it comes to engaging with customers and while younger users are reportedly on the decline, it remains the single most popular platform.

Get Involved in Local Programs

Programs like Small Business Saturday and Four Square encourage people to shop locally and check-in online from local businesses. Advertise your involvement with these kinds of programs to show customers you’re invested in the community.

Don’t Underestimate Face to Face Interaction

While much of your company’s customer outreach may be online, don’t skip the face-to-face opportunities. When customers stop to chat, take the time to listen and be engaged. Many reviews online are born from how a customer is treated when they’re right in front of you as opposed to how great your online service may be.

Reinvest What You Get From Customers

And we’re not just talking about the money they spend. Combine what you learn from engaging with customers directly with the data from retail sales analysis software when developing new marketing plans or expanding your product line. Float new ideas out via social media or in store promotions to gauge customer reaction. Ask for their help and customers will not only happily oblige — they’ll spread the word as well.