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Although small businesses are generally less structured than large organizations, this does not eliminate the need for effective task management planning. Good task management practices help a small business reach project goals on time and stay within budget, and can help improve day to day operations and even have an impact on customer service. Whether you’re running a brick and mortar retail store on a web-based startup, the following tips will empower you to manage tasks in the workplace more effectively.

Assign Major Tasks First

As Brian Tracy and other motivational speakers point out, we achieve more and feel more satisfied if we do the hardest things first. Use the same approach for task assignment and make sure the hard tasks get done by the right people.

Choose the Right Task Management Solution

A sophisticated, enterprise-grade task management solution is probably not what your business needs. Tools such as project evaluation and progress charts are great to have in an enterprise environment, but for your small business they can add unnecessary expenses. A simple task management system such as DataQlick helps you easily set up and assign straightforward tasks with deadlines.

Keep Your Tasks Synced Across Devices

Using different task management solutions across your work/home computers and mobile devices can slow you down and increases the risk of conflicting tasks. Synchronize tasks by using a cloud-based, mobile-friendly business dashboard capable of handling ongoing tasks with ease.

Integrate Task Management with Inventory Control Planning and Sales Forecasting

Assigning the right tasks to the right people becomes easier when you have quick access to key figures about your inventory, sales, and sales forecasts. Instead of switching between applications and windows constantly, you can rely on an integrated task management solution that complements your business dashbaord and inventory tools, such as DashboardStream’s DataQlick.

Encourage Task Collaboration

Instead of assigning tasks individually, consider creating small teams of up to 3 people and give them appropriate tasks. When people work together, they get more work done faster, and often with better results. Task collaboration is made easy by applications such as DataQlick, which let you easily share tasks by tagging specific tasks with the emails of your team members.

In the end, remember that good task management usually requires planning. Don’t leave off assigning tasks in the last moment. Plan tasks in the same way you plan your growth strategy, inventory control, or marketing efforts. Also, use the right tool. Try DataQlick.