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In terms of gaining insight to a company’s overall health and being able to plan for the future, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an absolute must-have. With all there is to gain using ERP integration, deciding which suites and individual programs to use is essential. So how can a company create and maintain ERP integration that grows their business and sets them up to make the most of any opportunity? By looking for these hallmarks of a high-quality ERP system.

True Integration — An ERP system is only as good as its ability to integrate with other systems. Even the smallest company will already have some pieces of software in place. Whether it’s a dedicated piece of accounting software or specific inventory management software, other programs need to be able to communicate easily between them. Software packages that offer robust features but can’t integrate with programs common in the industry simply won’t be an asset in the end.

Inventory Management — Resource planning is all about, well, resources! And that means inventory. Any ERP system worth its sale will make inventory a top priority. That means including a sales forecasting inventory tool that combines data from both sales and historic inventory in order to anticipate and deal with fluctuations in sales — and inventory — efficiently.

Accessibility — One of the biggest reasons why ERP is so attractive is that it’s something that can be accessed and analyzed quickly and easily no matter where you are. ERP integration systems should be mobile and easy for all users to access. This streamlines not only the ability of different people to analyze and use the data, but it can also encourage better brainstorming and communication.

Integrated software suites and compatible programs offer a way for management and owners to access data easily and plan for the future. At the same times ERPs create a better, more streamlined and less reactive workflow for employees at every stage. Having this data mobile, accessible and full integrated can improve the performance of everything, from a small business inventory forecasting app to marketing development. The bottom line? ERP makes a big difference for even the smallest company.