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The problems that can naturally arise in your inventory locations can be greatly complicated when working with stock spread across multiple locations. This holds true for those working in physical locations as for those running an e-Commerce business.

Whether a business works with a couple locations or a couple dozen locations, inventory management issues can be resolved and prevented. This will make problems with order shipping minimal and result in greater levels of customer satisfaction.

But this is only possible by properly incorporating the appropriate inventory management system into your stock and inventory control. Following are some helpful tips that can point your stock and inventory management in the right direction.


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Choose an Inventory Management Software with Mobile Capacity

Today’s mobile devices add convenience to the stock management process. The inventory management apps carried by your inventory management staff allows them to manage stock levels in real time. A POS app can also be integrated into inventory management so that stock levels and the locations of all assets can be tracked accurately across all locations. This way you can always count on an accurate figure that indicates your stock levels, conditions and needs right at your fingertips.

Optimize Inventory Organization

As you have probably noticed, some of your products are far more popular than others. While the dangers of being overstocked and understocked on certain items may not be of an immediate concern, failing to optimize stock quantities for speedy order processing and product delivery can gradually affect the speed and fluidity with which you handle customer orders.

On a small scale this can be dealt with rather easily, but things can get out of hand quickly when the same issue begins to affect a larger organization with multiple stock locations. Carefully adjusting your inventory to better suit the supply and demand of individual locations is made possible by knowing exactly how each of your products performs in each location. This is one other way a mobile-friendly inventory management system can benefit your business.

Prepare Product Kits

Paying attention to those products that are brought together frequently can also help you reduce shipping costs and improve profitability by ensuring these items are always available as a package deal. Without the aid of an effective inventory management system this task could be flawed and tedious. But the proper software solution makes understanding the needs and buying patterns of your customers as simple as checking your mobile updates.