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Competitor Review: DEAR Inventory

DEAR Inventory is an online inventory app for small and medium businesses. While it can be used by just about any business that wants to manage their inventory more easily than they did with spreadsheets, it is especially geared toward retail and wholesale...

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Inspiring Story: Growing e-Commerce Business

Who doesn’t want to quit their day job and work for themselves? It’s the dream of so many people and the spirit that drives millions of entrepreneurs every day. The odds are often stacked against them and the competition is fierce, but inspiration — and...

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Pricy Mistakes in Your Ecommerce Business

Finding ways to improve sales and performance is a never-ending struggle for company owners. Looking for problems and spotting mistakes can be hard when you’re looking out from the inside; therefore, we’ve rounded up three top mistakes many companies make...

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Purchase Orders for Small Business

Back in the day, every company used purchase orders to submit their orders to vendors and track spending. Today, much of that is done online through vendor websites and, as a result, many smaller companies simply rely on what’s supplied directly through...

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