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Considered the founder of modern management and an influential leader in the sphere of management, Peter F. Drucker delivered in 1974 a groundbreaking book entitled Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices. Now a classic text, the book traces the history of management and performs an in-depth analysis of it as a discipline across its 864 pages. The study represents a most comprehensive and detailed account of the techniques of successful management, making them accessible to both small and big business owners worldwide.

When it comes to management theory and practice, Drucker is unsurpassed. His outstanding ideas regarding management have had and still have an impact on many sectors of society, the more so if we consider that cloud inventory applications had not surfaced yet at the publication of this monumental piece of work.

Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices is split into three parts — one that deals with the tasks, one with the manager, and the last one with top management. It contains 61 chapters that focus on the emergence, brief history, and boom of management, the challenges and tasks at hand, business performance, the ethics of responsibility, managerial skills and organization, and strategies and structures. Because the book was not written in the age of online tools, it does not contain any information on online management software or cloud inventory applications. However, the text provides help and solutions for every managerial activity and becomes a guide for managers of small businesses, as well.

Management, Drucker suggests, is essentially about performance. His landmark book enables managers to effectively run their business and prepares them for the challenges ahead. Author’s large experience and continuous work with managers as a consultant has given the book a high level of credibility.

If the emergence of management as a field of study and a discipline was a pivotal event in modern history, as indicated by Drucker, then the development of the management software along with cloud inventory applications represents yet another significant and creative manner of dealing with small business sales analysis, so crucial for every small business owner. Learn more about management in the computer age and why a cloud-based inventory management app such as DataQlick can make it so much easier.