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Even small businesses have a lot of data on their hands these days, and making sense of it all and keeping track of key metrics isn’t the easiest things to do. A sales and inventory software for small business can help, though, coming to the rescue of small businesses by bringing all their data together. Unlike legacy enterprise platforms which are costly to deploy and come with a steep learning curve, sales and inventory software for small business can be used by any business owner, in as well as out of the office.

Features to Expect

The ability to connect all of your data, get a quick overview of key business figures like sales, profits, or stock warnings, and generate performance reports are key features of a business dashboard. Sales forecasting, profit margins, and inventory performance are included as well. Another reason a sales and inventory software for small business can be a great investment for your business is that it helps you analyze your data across departments and use the results to create a set of objectives that all of your employees can focus on in order to help your business grow and develop.

Choosing Your Business Dashboard

When it comes to choosing a business dashboard, however, the choice isn’t easy. There are many options around, and some of them may seem quite similar. Pentaho and Cyfe are two popular all-in-one business dashboard apps that offer data integration from multiple channels, and visual and predictive analytics. BIME is known for its huge set of data connectors, while SiSense offers intuitive, customizable dashboards. RJMetrics is another leading dashboard, great for e-commerce sites. All of these are powerful tool with many overlapping features, making it difficult to rank them.


If you are a small business owner, however, you may find that you don’t actually need all of the features the dashboards mentioned above have to offer, or that you’re not willing to pay that much for them. DataQlick could be the right solution for you. Our cloud-based application is a streamlined sales and inventory software for small business which empowers you to monitor your sales and inventory data, view sales and forecast recommendations, carry out in-depth but easy sales analysis, and optimize your inventory control, all this on a highly competitive pricing model. Our intuitive interface makes our app really easy to use even if you’ve never tried a business dashboard before. Learn more about DataQlick.