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When most people think about principles for business success the focus is usually on concepts for success. Strategy, sustainability, systems — these are all the hallmarks of a successful business, but sometimes people need more than just abstract ideas on how to succeed.

The fact is that principles for success also include down to earth, practical issues as well, such as a POS app for inventory management and internal inventory automation. It may not sound as impressive or lofty as the ideas and principles normally discussed in relation to business success, but it’s absolutely vital.

Inventory management is about more than just understanding, organizing and controlling what goes in and out of your shop and warehouse — it’s really about customer service. Without a solid framework of inventory and POS control, companies simply cannot give customers what they want or what they need.

A well-designed, easy to use and robust retail POS app gives your customers and your employees a number of benefits. Customers are able to rely on you to have what they need in stock now and during seasonal spikes in demand. Employees on the floor or at the front lines of service are spared the frantic search for missing or misplaced stock. Dedicated customer service representatives don’t have to come up with on the fly excuses for angry customers demanding to know when a backorder will be filled. Ultimately, this means a better reputation for your company, a happier workforce and a healthier bottom line.

The fact of the matter is there’s no magic formula that will guarantee success in the business world. Certain steps and principles can guide you and improve your chances, but it’s vital that you find real world ways in which to apply them. Inventory and POS management offer every company that opportunity. By tackling issues of inventory control and POS management, companies have an on-the-ground opportunity to put loftier concepts into practice, improving their overall customer and employee relationships, as well as the strength of their company.