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Technology has bought flexibility, automation and mobility in businesses! It is not surprising to see how dependent business owners have on technology and how technology is assisting business to grow. A recent research stated that almost 48 percent of business owners believe that being able to run their business with mobile device was very important for them. An average business owner uses his mobile device at least 21 times a day to conduct business. Mobile devices has made it possible for business owners to get work done while on-the-go and also check it often throughout the day. The scope and applications of mobile devices have been redefined over past decade and they are no longer just devices to make and receive calls.

Integration of business and technology has also opened wide range of opportunities and led to the development of new-age companies like virtual assistant companies. As technology has made it possible to work remotely, virtual assistant companies bring mobility and convenience to remote working. Virtual assistant companies not only bring flexibility but also reduce the need of office space and in-house staff. Thus, while the business owners can travel and expand their business operation, these companies take care of the day-to-day operations of their business.

Another new technology trend that has helped small businesses significantly is the business dashboard. A business dashboard is a series of graphs and charts that provide insight into how the business is performing. From total sales to amount receivable, dashboard gives a quick glimpse into the financial health of the business. There are several benefits of using business dashboards, it includes

  • Visibility. Dashboard gives you complete visibility into performance of your business. So, business owners can analyse what is working, what is not working and make quick business decisions. It gives business owners quick answer to all their business questions.
  • Time saver. As business owners do not need to log into different systems or make efforts to create reports, it saves a lot of time. This time can be used for business development and increasing sales.
  • Results. As key metrics of your business performance are available at a glance, it helps in making result-oriented decisions. On most dashboards, improvement in metrics is shown in green while decrease in marked in red. When you see metrics in red on the dashboard, you will start working on fixing those areas.
  • Productivity and Profit. Business dashboards help in improving productivity of the business, and this in turn directly influences business profits. It brings focus on areas that are performing badly and also points out areas where you should not be spending your efforts.

The key to utilizing business dashboards to their full potential is in choosing the right dashboard. Make sure your business dashboard has all the information and metrics that you want to be available on-demand.

Improve the performance, reach and efficiency of your business with technology tools and platforms!