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More and more companies are turning to Shopify to create, maintain and grow their ecommerce. As more companies begin to understand what this platform can offer, they’re also a bit intimidated and even confused as to the best ways to create their first Shopify app.

Learning the ins and outs of Shopify doesn’t have to be difficult, though. There are a number of resources, tutorials and even apps that essentially walk you through the process. The best part about all of these resources and assistance? They’re offered and maintained directly by Shopify itself.

Shopify does everything it can to make using its own platform easy for people to use, no matter what their skill level when it comes to coding or online building. Their website offers plenty of tutorials, walk-throughs and help with the creation and maintenance of apps created for the platform. Some of their most important tips for beginners include:

  • Forget WordPress — Many business owners and their teams have gotten used to programming and writing for the WordPress platform. But those skills simply won’t work with Shopify so it’s important to go into the process without trying to create it in a WordPress style.
  • Use Their App — Shopify created an app to help your own app run better. Learn more about their Embedded App SDK (EASDK) and see how it can streamline your project.
  • Always Offer Support — Offering buyers support when using your own app within Shopify will improve your ranking, encourage more reviews and help you stand out from the crowd.

These simple tips for start-ups can help make the difference between an app and project that stalls on the sidelines and one that improves your company’s ecommerce performance.

Shopify can easily work with your online inventory app to increase performance, streamline work flow and ultimately give you more flexibility and room to grow. Learning how to make the most of this platform is key in creating an ecommerce experience your customers will not only love, but will be more likely to share with others.