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DataQlick Mobile

Run Your Entire Business From Your Phone


Complete Inventory Management Tool

Make Your Business Truly Mobile

DataQlick is a simple POS app and a robust cloud inventory management platform that automates many small business processes:

  • manage inventory levels,
  • create sales orders,
  • issue invoices from sales orders,
  • create purchase orders to buy and replenish inventory with just a few clicks,
  • receive products from suppliers,
  • count inventory and adjust its levels instantly.


Mobile Business App

Creates invoices to sell your products and services, get paid, monitor sales from ecommerce sites, create replenishments PO and manage multiple inventory locations. And most importantly: Stay in sync with your accounting system!

Full Accounting Software Integration

Keep good track of records and make sure all your sales transactions are recorded directly into your accounting system. Anything you do in DataQlick is reflected in your connected QuickBooks Online account and vice versa. There is 2-way sync between your accounting system and DataQlick. It is not like other POS systems where you need to do a lot of extra work to bring data to the accounting system.

eCommerce Integration and True Inventory Sync

If you sell on multiple e-commerce platforms DataQlick Mobile will unify your multi-channel operation with business accounting software – like QuickBooks Online and Xero. See sales from connected e-commerce platforms in real time and keep your inventory in sync.


Product Management

Get instant and full control. Have the right inventory, in the right place, at the right time using dynamic reorder recommendations. Manage your inventory like a pro.

Multi User Capability

Invite other users and allow all connected people (sales reps or employees) to have real-time view of inventory levels, and be informed about the status of outstanding invoices or Purchase Orders.

Tier Pricing

Take advantage of tier pricing – prepare multiple pricing points ahead of time and assign them to your customers. There are multiple levels of price breaks (4) named “Retail” (default), “MSRP”, “Special”, “Distributor” and “Wholesale”. Use them to your advantage.

Cycle Counts

This is powerful and one-of-the-kind feature that saves you a ton of time and effort. Make cycle count of your inventory and update its levels if you find discrepancies in 2 clicks. Keep records of all your findings.


Sales Orders

Manage backorders with Sales Order. Convert sales order to an invoice(s) with just 2 clicks. With efficient SO management improve your productivity and increase your bottom line.

Sales Ordering System

Sales Order is a customer’s commitment to buy your product. You may not have enough inventory to support it all at once. Create a Sales Order and issue multiple invoices directly from it until it is fulfilled and backlog is eliminated! Automatic data integrity checks facilitate simple and reliable order management.

POS (Point of Sale)

Ditch expensive and aged software. Use our simple POS app and merge it with our complete inventory management platform to grow your business.
Create your account with Stripe and connect it with DataQlick web application. You have full unlimited access to the web application during 2 free weeks of trial. Find more info here:



Make smarter and faster purchasing decisions. Prevent missed sales opportunities and avoid stockouts. Create PO in seconds and receive products using barcode scanner.

Transparent Purchase Order System

DataQlick Mobile gives you the opportunity to create and manage purchase orders with ease. Review purchase orders, receive partials and track balances with a couple of clicks.

Visual Reorder Point Management

Reordering system is recalculated based on your historical sales. Set your own specific reorder points and DtaQlick Mobile will show you items that require reordering with a red flag. Filter the items, review status and place orders with suppliers effortlessly right from the app.


POS & Multi-Locations

Make smarter and faster purchasing decisions. Prevent missed sales opportunities and avoid stockouts. Create PO in seconds and receive products using barcode scanner.

Multiple Locations

Create stores or warehouses and use them effectively. Want to have storage locations that are outside of your available supply?
– Create them as “Warehouses.” Create and receive transfers. Request to move products from warehouse to store with few clicks. Have complete visibility of products in transit. Address unaccounted or lost products.

Barcode Scanning

Find and filter products using mobile barcode scanning functionality. DataQlick can recognize UPC-A + UPC-E barcodes and also QR Codes that allow the ability to recognize any alphanumeric characters in the SKU field.
Use barcode scanner to receive products on purchase orders, to add items to the card (filter and add), cycle count, receive multi-location transfers and verify product details on any product that has a UPC code.


Simple & Easy

Whether you are on a business trip, vacation, visiting a client or down at the local pub – you can now keep tabs on things at the office…..managing your inventory has never been easier – literally at your fingertips!