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Save Time. Sell More.

Why Does My Company Need DataQlick?


Because your inventory management software should always be one step ahead of you. Because you need tools that let you run your business your way; not force you into processes that don’t make sense for you. Because modern business demands tools that are as functional as they are simple.

Scroll down for an inside look at what happens when raw power meets sheer elegance.

What Can DataQlick Do For Me?


Complete Inventory Management with Full Accounting System Integration

DataQlick connects your accounting software to your inventory management platform. Here’s what happens when two separate and independent systems begin communicating seamlessly about your business:

  • Instant sync of everything pertaining to your business whether online, brick and mortar, or both.
  • Product names and descriptions, inventory levels, sales transactions, tax codes, customer and supplier lists and so much more become instantly available (and associated) between platforms.
  • Adjust inventory automatically after each sale and sync that data across locations and sales channels.
  • Generate inventory and sales orders for back ordered items – not invoices.
  • Open up tier pricing and multi-currency support to manage your invoices properly and cut down on end-of-year tax hassles.
  • Use color coding and other visual queues to gain real time visibility and insights into company-wide inventory.

Multichannel Management

Are you currently selling on Amazon? How about eBay? Don’t forget about Shopify! Oh…and then there’s also the opportunities that come along with running your own store on Magento……
The truth is that most retailers in your position limit themselves to one or two platforms because managing anything more than that is an administrative nightmare. Not any more. With DataQlick you can truly be everywhere at once – selling across multiple storefronts while running your entire business from one centralized platform.

  • Proprietary intelligent algorithms link and monitor products from all sales channels while simultaneously feeding that information to your accounting system.
  • Enjoy the clarity of having items across multiple channels represented by a single item in DataQlick. Then, manipulate pricing and sales parameters per sales channel…not per product.

Save Time with Automated Sales Transaction Recording

One of DataQlick’s most powerful features is also one of its easiest to use. Say goodbye to manual accounting entries and hello to our incredible transaction recording functions!

  • Automatic processing of all transactions from any connected ecommerce and POS system directly into your accounting system.
  • Link ecommerce products in DataQlick with the same product in your accounting software and turn on the switch…it’s that easy.
  • Regain hours every month as our software instantly handles what used to take you days to reconcile.
  • Process multiple payments on the same transaction.
  • Currently works with Shopify, eBay, and Amazon FBA with more integrations coming!!

Bundles and Kits

Nothing can throw inventory off faster than failing to account for items you’ve designated for special offers in bundles and kits. DataQlick’s advanced processing recognizes these special groups and tracks the inventory they use and then automatically replenishes stock when numbers get too low.

  • Quickly create bundles in DataQlick and easily manage their bills of materials.
  • Track inventory for finished bundles or the individual products that make up a bundle or kit.
  • Watch as DataQlick automatically builds orders and deducts individual inventory units to ensure that kits are always available for purchase, regardless of how they’re tracked.
  • Track kit assembly orders and link them to vendor purchase orders or customer invoices.
  • Preview end-to-end supply and demand reports and make quick decisions regarding re-ordering.

The Power of Purchase Orders, Billing, and Inventory Replenishment – All in One Powerful Package

Our company is built on a single principle: do as much as possible in as few clicks as possible. That’s why we built an intelligent bookkeeper directly into DataQlick. Simple enough to create purchase orders in just a few clicks but powerful enough to recognize what should instantly go to the accounting system and what shouldn’t…that’s the power of DataQlick.

  • Create and manage purchase orders with just a few clicks.
  • Create bills to keep your suppliers paid and watch as those transactions are automatically reflected in your accounting system.
  • Receive inventory into DataQlick and simultaneously update inventory and
  • Let DataQlick manage your entire purchasing process, including partial PO receiving. DataQlick is smart enough to know not to sync POs to your accounting system, yet still keeps your inventory numbers updated and fully accurate.
  • Manage inventory levels quickly and effectively with DataQlick’s powerful color coding system.
  • Set your own reorder minimums and build in lead times for your suppliers to ship items to you.
  • Overstocks and understocks are officially things of the past – DataQlick’s algorithms automatically calculate your business’s optimal inventory levels every day.

Simple. Elegant. Unified. DataQlick.