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Inventory management is a seemingly routine part of business management that has surprisingly far reaching impact. In fact, inventory management affects everything from marketing and sales to vendor relationships and customer service. Considering how important it can be, it’s absolutely vital that your inventory software gives you reliable, up to the minute information on flow, levels and management.

And that’s exactly what DataQlick offers. With our real time inventory management features you’ll know what’s on hand in your warehouse and in your shops as well as what’s already committed and what’s expected in. How does this help you stay in control of your business? Simple.

  1. Reduces Problem Orders

Get ahead of back orders and returns by knowing you have enough on hand to deal with common problems. Giving yourself a buffer by adjusting reorder levels means you’ll be ready for last minute replacement requests. You can also avoid having to issue Rain Checks or backorders on popular items by keeping an eye on levels and ordering those items well in advance.

  1. Improves Overall Inventory Flow

Maintaining inventory flow helps to keep costs down and improves customer relationships since you don’t end up having to wait on vendors or your warehouse team to find a product. It also keeps costs down since you’re keeping items in stock just as long as they need to be and not sitting on shelves taking up space.

  1. Enhances Warehouse Space Management

Space management is always a headache, especially for companies running a lean warehouse. Make sure you’re taking smart advantage of your space by tracking levels closely and updating locations on the fly.

  1. Boosts Smart Purchasing

Jumping on a great deal is a huge part of vendor management. Use our inventory management and stock level alerts to help you spot a great deal as soon as it comes up.

  1. Better Marketing Strategy

Give your marketing department a heads up on popular items before they hit your warehouse so you can have promotions and special offers in place. This will help both space management and customer outreach.