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Using Cloud technology is really starting to catch on. It’s moved from a way for people and companies to share common files to a legitimate consideration for many large-scale programs, software suites and shared applications. This is quite the change from most people’s initial reactions when it was suggested that they use the Cloud to store and access data.

Old Thinking About the Cloud

Traditionally, concerns about using any sort of Cloud technology have been, to be fair, pretty legitimate. The biggest concerns revolved around security and accessibility.

Cloud technology is based online. That makes it somewhat vulnerable to attack and hacking, simply because of the nature of the Internet. At the same time, it enhances general accessibility but raises questions about how fast the connection can be for people. Could multiple users be a problem? Where is archived information and backup data stored?

These are valid concerns of any business and as Cloud technology has developed, industry leaders have had to address these issues head on.

And New Realities

Today, Cloud based applications are worlds away from their first generation counterparts. Cloud inventory management software for small businesses now offer enhanced security and accessibility all while delivering better results.

One company, a storage company called, found themselves spending around $25,000 a month on IT services using native programs. By switching to a cloud based system, they were able to save more than $7,000 a month money they could then reinvest into the services of their business instead of maintenance. Using cloud technology has proven to be safe, secure, reliable and smart for the company.

Using a cloud based suite for sales and inventory management means employees can work with a POS sales analysis app that takes data from all channels of sales and integrates them into inventory and other data in the cloud. This gives managers, marketers and owners the ability to track changes, spots trends and make decisions based on live data. At the end of the day, working in Cloud means aiming for the stars.