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While for some businesses summer is a busy season, for others, including e-commerce websites, it can be a time of slow business. If you don’t expect great sales during the summer, it can be easy to neglect your inventory control and management, which can result in a variety of inventory-related problems in the fall, including overstock and understock. Keep your inventory neat and avoid customer dissatisfaction with the following mobile inventory control and management tips.

Use a Mobile Inventory App

If you’re taking an extended holiday during the summer, or else are busy doing other things than checking stock, having a mobile inventory app at hand is the simplest and most effective way to keep an eye on your stock. Look for an app with real-time stock monitoring features, low stock warnings, and seamless integration with your accounting system, and controlling your stock even when you are away from your office will be as easy as launching an app and making a few taps.

Take Into Account Sales Forecasting Data

Knowing what to expect during summer in terms of sales can further simplify inventory control during this time of the year. Based on previous stock performance, you can draw some important conclusions about your customer’s behavior during summer, which allows you to cope with spikes in demand for certain seasonal products, as well as to safely lower stock levels for products which aren’t so appealing during summer. It’s easy to do this if your mobile inventory app integrates a sales forecasting inventory solution because you can keep all your data in one place and easily view forecasts for individual items.

Create Product Bundles

You may be able to both increase sales and get rid of overstock by bundling together two or more products that you don’t expect to easily sell during the summer, and making them available at a very attractive price. Again, it’s good to have actual sales performance data at hand before creating a product bundle, to get an idea of what products go well together. You don’t want to get out of your way to create a product bundle, which is why it’s good to use an inventory system that supports product bundling and kits, like DataQlick.

Keep Your Data in the Cloud

The cloud makes your inventory data easy to access regardless of your location, not tying you to a particular computer. The value of cloud-based inventory management can be especially seen during the summer, as it allows you to easily delegate inventory operations, while at the same time being able to supervise them from a distance. A mobile inventory control and management that stores data in the cloud and comes with stock notifications takes the hassle out of summer inventory management.

As a cloud-based, mobile inventory control and management app with integrated sales forecasting, product bundling features, and multi-warehouse support, DataQlick makes inventory control during the summer simple and easy. You can find out more about DataQlick’s powerful mix of features here.