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The inventory control feature in the DataQlick app is one of the unique features found in this application. It allows you to keep track of which products are over stocked, which products are running low and which products are just right. In addition, it offers many other useful features. Below, you’ll find an image of this inventory control software and its user-friendly interface.

Inventory Control in DataQlick App

Perhaps one of the most useful features in the Inventory Control section of the app is the “Days of inventory to Min Level” feature. This is a prediction based on existing sales data of how long it will take to run out of stock given for each particular inventory item. The app calculates the average sales per day of each item and divides that number by the total existing quantity of that item in the inventory. Of course, this calculation could be done manually, but the amount of time that would take to do this for each inventory item would be enormous, unless you only had two or three items in your inventory.

Furthermore, when you use the “-6m” button at the top right hand corner of the table, you are able to access the sales data of each particular inventory item for the previous six months. This is useful if you want to see which products are selling well and which products aren’t.

The beauty of this inventory control feature is that it offers a large amount of information in one location. To manually compile all this information would take days, if not weeks to complete.

It is clear that this application is designed for inventory management for small businesses. It’s ease-of-use allows business owners who are not well versed in inventory management to keep track of their entire inventory in a simple way.

Inventory control software such as this is revolutionizing how small businesses manage their inventory. Finally they are able to compete with the larger companies that previously spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on inventory control and sales data analysis. This can be seen as somewhat of a “game-changer” for the small business owner. Soon this kind of software will fully replace spreadsheets and now is the time to get on board because in future this will simply be the modus operandi for inventory control.