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Do you run a small business or you have some responsibility in business operational aspects? No matter what industry you are in there is good chance that you are dealing with product inventory issues. Small retailer or reseller? Most likely you have stumbled with complexity of managing proper product stock levels and spent too much time to plan on how much and when to re-order.
I want to call myself an “Inventory Guy”. I have soooo much passion to share and I love to provide answers to your problems and help out.
I have spent almost 20 years on this subject matter experiencing it at first hand. I have worked in corporate environment implementing direct customer programs, creating forecast management solutions, VMI development, data governance projects and at the same time I ran reseller business on Amazon and Ebay.  I have dealt with all kinds of issues and I was working on finding solutions to resolve them. I love those challenges and it is my niche. Good inventory control is a lifeblood of any business.
Big corporations can afford to pay for expensive software and resources to run it. Even that does guaranty to eliminate problems. It is not justifiable expense for a small reseller.
Go ahead and fire up the burning desire to make a difference. I want to provide answers to your questions and I am sure there are plenty of other people who can find this place as an outlet to share their knowledge and expertise. I am ecstatic to be of help.

Based on years of experience and many other people inputs I have built this app implementing concepts of simplification and automation (hopefully clever ? ). To note here that my app is just an expression of that concept, but there is no way I can claim it as final version. My vision is to build this app collectively.

Proper Inventory control can make or break success for the company of any size.
You do not have to use it, you can just pick what you find interesting and if it works for you. I laid in most of the screenshots of my app here.
With this thought in mind I am pursuing my number one goal – to provide value, give advice what I think works and invite other people to share their knowledge. I promise to do my best, however I cannot do it by myself – your inputs are matter.

Feel free to provide advice and share here.