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FeatureDataQlick Inventory Mgmt & Sales AutomationAmazon to AccountingInventory Sync, Backup, RestoreAmazon FBA RoutingDropShipping to AccountingPaypal to Accounting








Sync individual orders and payments from ecommerce to accounting

Inventory changes in accounting system with sale or return

Monitor and manage inventory

Bundles (assemblies) including reducing component inventory when sell bundle

Create and manage purchase orders

Create Sales Orders, Quotes and Invoices

Connect multiple sales channels (see current Integrations)

Sync inventory across multiple sales channels

Backup & restore inventory for any channel (accounting & Ecommerces)

Fees and payments management

Route orders from sales channels to Amazon for fulfillment

Manage inventory in multiple warehouses

What's included

1 Accounting channel

1 Ecommerce sales channel

500 transactions

1 month historical data
1 Accounting channel

1 Amazon FBA channel

1 mo Historical data
2 sales channels

Unlimited sync (every 30 min)

(Accounting channel can be added as sales channel)
1 Amazon FBA channel

1 sales channel (Ecommerce or Accounting)

500 transactions per month
1 Accounting channel

1 Ecommerce sales channel

500 transactions per month
1 Accounting channel
1 PayPal channel

1000 transactions per month

Additional transactions

$29 per 500 additional transactionsUnlimitedUnlimited$29 per 500 additional transactions$29 per 500 additional transactions$19 per 1000 additional transactions

Additional sales channels shared among apps

$19/mo per additional sales channel


$49/mo per pack of 4 additional sales channels

All add-on apps work with DataQlick's Inventory & Sales Automation software or as a stand-alone products.




Billed annually or
$59 month-to-month



Billed annually or
$99 month-to-month



Billed annually or
$139 month-to-month


Additional Sales Channel

$40 /mo

Or additional 2000 monthly orders
or additional 10000 products

Hassle-Free Onboarding
(One-Time Fee)


Don’t have time for integration and on boarding? We can help.
Send us excel report file and we will integrate all of your data and facilitate your
DataQlick setup for a small fee.


Full accounting integration with QuickBooks Online

Accept payments by Stripe

Transaction recording into Accounting system


Sales orders & invoices

Advanced purchasing & bill processing

Supply chain view with 6 mo forecast ****

Purchasing recommended (calculated) replenishment

Full accounting integration with Xero

One dashboard for all connected channels

Unlimited products *

Unlimited transactions*


Unlimited customers *

Access anytime, anywhere

Multiple users

Accounting integration with Sage One ***

Free mobile app with any price plan

Multiple price tiers

Multiple currencies

Mobile app barcode scanning

Mobile app POS

Full email technical support

Inventory sync accross all connected channels

Unlimited Shopify stores

Unlimited E-bay stores

Unlimited Magento stores

Unlimited Amazon stores

Amazon FBA dashboard**

Regular application updates

* Limited only by price plan. Request more if limit reached.
** Amazon dashboard pending with release of Amazon FBA.
*** Sage One integration is on hold and soon to resume.
**** Forecasting view is under review and will be rolled out soon.

Have a small business and only a handful of products?
Manage them on your smart phone with our mobile app


Mobile app is free with purchase of any DataQlick (web app) price plans

Totally Free

Products – 10
Users – 1
Transactions – 3 /mo

$0 / month

Basic Mobile

Products – 50
Users – 1
Transactions – 20 /mo
Purchase orders

$9.99 /mo

Gold Mobile

Products – 200
Users – 3
Transactions – 100 /mo
Purchase orders
Point of Sale (POS)
Multi locations

$19.99 /mo