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Nowadays even relatively small businesses have to deal with big data, whether it’s in the form of sales data, inventory management and control data, or various management records. However, big data is no longer a scarecrow for small businesses, as new tools and technologies make the analysis of large chunks of data a straightforward and cost-effective process, helping to improve product quality, marketing, and customer relationships, as Joana Schloss, Business Intelligence and Analytics Expert at Dell Software highlighted in a post on

Why Embrace Big Data

Joana Schloss observed in her post that big data is important for any business and should not be neglected because it is full of opportunities. When properly analyzed, big data can guide important business decisions which in turn lead to improved products and more targeted and more effective marketing. Big data also holds one of the keys to better customer support and long-lasting customer relationships – it provides valuable clues your business needs to understands its customers.

The Right Business Intelligence for Small Businesses

In her knowledgeable article, Joana Schloss explained that small businesses don’t need the enterprise-grade big data tools that large corporations use. Such tools are too costly, too hard to implement, and too sophisticated for the small business owner, who often doesn’t even have an IT team. For many small businesses, the solution is a business intelligence small business app that runs online and offers essential sales and inventory analysis features bundled in a simple to use interface.

Joana Schloss’s advice for small business owners was to look for three things in a big data business intelligence small business app: flexibility, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness. Flexibility is important because small businesses usually have many different types of data from different accounting and office applications such as QuickBooks or Office365 and need to be able to integrate this data into its sales and forecasting solution as easily as possible. Simplicity is crucial because the business intelligence tool should be easy to use, not requiring any costly or lengthy training program.

Discover DataQlick

A business intelligence small business app such as DataQlick meets all of these criteria and comes with a powerful yet user-friendly dashboard that makes the analysis of sales data, inventory data, and sales forecasting highly intuitive, and provides effective inventory control business intelligence. Find out more about DataQlick’s powerful dashboard feature here.