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Inventory control software does more than tell you stock levels. Ideally, it should inform you of how profitable items are without the need to break out an additional program or figure it out with pencil and paper. The problem with many inventory management systems is that they focus only on levels and leave the profit margin calculations to your financial packages.

That’s where DataQlick breaks the mold. We understand that a small business isn’t run in separate bubbles. In fact, clear and transparent communication is at the foundation of any successful business — regardless of size.

We’ve developed our software to handle inventory management for small business that encompasses both inventory and financial information. Our Item Tab gives you more than a glimpse into stock levels. It also includes information on the overall cost of goods, the calculated sales and your profit margin, all without having to open multiple tabs or programs.

This amazing birds-eye view gives you more information to make the decisions that can drive your purchasing plans and marketing strategies. It also offers everyone — from owners to actuaries — the information they need to work with other departments in order to ensure everyone is getting what they need in order to fulfill a company’s number one priority — keeping customers happy.

This feature is automatic within the DataQlick system and, better yet, it’s all color coded. That means being able to see and understand the information literally at a glance. No more mental computations or flipping between programs, pages and tabs — just get in, get the information you need and be able to share insights and brainstorm with others to improve your margins or maintain your stellar service.

This feature in the DataQlick application is one of many that will help you keep your business moving in the right direction. We work tirelessly with business owners from every industry and discipline to ensure our products deliver with the same dedication and level of performance your company does. Offering transparency, ease of use and, above all, results.