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One of the most important aspects of a successful retail businesses operating across various locations and channels is a state of the art inventory management system. As the single most important asset to a retail outlet, optimizing inventory can have huge effects to the overall profitability and progress of retail outlets of all sizes.

But operating across different channels or locations has very specific challenges to smooth inventory management. The biggest one being the time and space continuum, this is to say “one can’t be everywhere at once”.

Or can you? By using a cloud-based inventory management system you can reduce the pressing need to be everywhere at once. This can reduce the time, effort and stress involved with properly managing multiple retail stores and open up greater opportunities for sales and profits.

Benefits of Cloud-based Inventory Management for Multiple Retail Outlets

Inventory management software allows you to access data. All the numbers and figures that apply to stock levels and expected demands in regards to current financial positions can be accessed in one location and tweaked for optimal efficacy.

This can help identify some important aspects of your business. For example:

• Which locations are low on certain inventory.

• Which outlets are more successful with specific products.

• Which stores are performing poorly and need to be adjusted.

• Which products are not performing well and in which outlets.

• Which stores are having more success with specific products than others.

• Which products are being bought together and where this happening most.

All these insights will be available for the business owners to examine for improved operations in the future. Furthermore, this information is easy to access at one easy location. Cloud-based inventory management can be accessed anytime anywhere on the planet.

This means that inventory management can be done from the convenience of your current location. This allows for a more streamlined and flexible inventory management system that can be adjusted quickly for optimal results within hours to match market trends.

The Quickbooks Inventory and DataQlick software allow the user to have this type of control over their stock. While the degrees of control provided are different from user to user, the inventory you process will only be as good as the processes you use. If you feel like you’re being buried in the pressing concerns of a retail business stretched across multiple locations, consider applying a simple software solution.