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While you can keep your accounting and sales data separate from your inventory data, the benefits of combining the two can be significant. A mobile inventory management app that integrates with your accounting system can make your key business data easier to access, improve your sales monitoring, help you better understand stock performance, and ultimately, save you time and money. Let’s look more deeply at the benefits of integrating accounting data into your mobile inventory control solution.

Sync Your Purchase Orders with Your Accounting Data

Having accurate accounting data at hand can help you create purchase orders without having to manually pore over spreadsheets. It allows you to quickly check available data such as past sales performance that can determine the quantity of items you include in your purchase order. This in turn enables you to order the right products at the right time in order to avoid common inventory problems such as overstock or understock.

Monitor Sales Automatically

Managing your inventory becomes a more straightforward process when you can tap into real-time sales data whenever you need to. By integrating your mobile inventory sales and forecasting app with your accounting system you can check your sales data as often as you want, even when you’re away from your computer. In this way you can spot warning signs early on.

Generate Complete Sales Analyses

Sales analyses help you brake down sales performance in order to understand which of your stock items performs best. It also enables you to compare stock performance across multiple locations or warehouses to understand seasonal and regional variations in demand. If your mobile inventory management app comes with sales analysis features, integrating it with your accounting system will enable you to perform sales analysis in a more intuitive way.

Keep Your Crucial Data in One Place

Running a business is often a time-consuming endeavor. By integrating your inventory system with your accounting system, you can keep you sales, inventory, and customer data in one place, where it will be easy to access whenever you need it. You no longer have to keep switching between apps or tabs, nor do you have to worry about exporting data or manually adding data from one system to another.

Take Advantage of Intuitive Business Intelligence Features

Being able to make sense of your key data such as Profit, Profit Margin, or COGS quickly can be important in scenarios where fast decisions are needed. When you hesitate between two brands or vendors, or are not sure which products to bundle together, these numbers can come to your rescue. A capable mobile inventory system uses a mix of charts, graphs, and visual aids to make this kind of information easy to digest.

The best part is that you don’t have to go out of your way to unify your accounting data with your inventory data. A QuickBooks mobile inventory control solution such as DataQlick Mobile makes this process seamless. Integrating with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks and Zero, DataQlick allows you to effortlessly import accounting data into your inventory management system in order to improve your inventory process and increase your sales.