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Those brave merchants touting their wares along the e-commerce frontier must be fully aware of how the surrounding environment changes and how this can be detrimental to their business success. If we have learned anything from 2016, it should be that failing to pay close attention to these changes could put a promising startup on the downgrade fast.

2017 is shaping up to be a time of great expectations, the digital world is maturing and its users are expecting and demanding superior services in exchange for their time, custom and approval. At the same time, the technology that will allow online merchants to reach their valuable clients is being revolutionized daily, this in itself is an important trend to analyze.

Following are three of the biggest trends your e-commerce enterprise cannot ignore if it hopes to stick around long enough to face the specific challenges of 2018.

Social Media Is King

While the online search is still in the lead in matching customers to their products, incoming links from social media platforms are increasing rapidly. With the increase of shopping availability, social media users will be more inclined to research and purchase items on impulse right on their social media platform. Furthermore, a huge amount of these purchases will be made on mobile devices, which brings us to the next important trend to keep an eye on.

Make More Mobile Apps

There is an increasing number of people buying through mobile apps. According to Shopify’s recent surveys, over half of their e-commerce traffic has come from mobile devices. What does this mean to you and your products or services? It means that online shoppers are increasingly interested in the speed and convenience of mobile option. You valued customers will be looking to do business in this way and will expect a reputable retail outlet like your own to have this feature.

The Pursuit of Excellence Is ON

While the need for customer service never goes out of style, people are becoming more and more dedicated to the handful of businesses they choose to do business with. This is because their expectations are also increasing. Today’s savvy consumers spend a good amount of time comparing the prices, products services and customer services of the merchants they might favor with their custom.

With these important points in mind, consider how the fastidious consumer will react to every interaction they have with you. Will they like the initial ordering process? What about every other step to the delivered product and follow up customer service? Get this formula for success just right and you might survive into the upcoming years.