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If products are at the core of what your business does — whether you’re selling or only manufacturing them — automated multichannel inventory management and reporting can make a big difference in your life. In today’s fast-paced and competitive world of business, managing inventory well isn’t just a question of keeping stock in check, but of moving it smoothly. With automation, you can significantly improve small business management at the inventory level.

Improves Scalability So You Can Make Better Decisions Faster

If you can’t check stock performance, levels, and warnings on the go, your inventory management and reporting system isn’t good enough. The more time you have to spend manually hunting for information, analyzing data from multiple channels or warehouses, or asking warehouse managers for information, the less scalable your inventory system is.

All this translates to slower decision-making, less effective interactions with vendors and suppliers, slow inventory flow, and other issues. If you have to reserve one day of the week, or even one hour, to understanding your inventory, you will be experiencing problems later on as your business grows. Adopt a mobile inventory management app that gathers all your data and presents it in an easy to digest format.

Save Time On Repetitive Tasks

Even if you have an inventory team or someone who does the inventory math for you, you’ll still have to check stock levels, compare stock performance, have a look at profit margins and the cost of goods sold, schedule purchase orders, create product bundles, or categorize products across different warehouses.

The faster you can do these, the more time you will save for more challenging tasks that only you can do, like steering your company in the right direction on a competitive or fast-rising market. You need a solution that can automate all these tasks and deliver simple business intelligence for small businesses not just on your computer, but also on mobile, so you can work effectively on the go.

Communicate More Clearly with Your Team

Knowing your inventory in real time and being able to generate in-depth stock performance reports facilitates communication with your team. Instead of checking and double checking files, you can easily share reports and other information using email. Not only does information travel faster to your team, but you also minimize human errors like typos.

For best results, you can use a mobile inventory management app that your team can log in directly to get the information they need from the source. This can improve communication at all levels within your company and can improve customer service as well. Choose an app that doesn’t tie you to a platform or device to maximize reach and ensure all the members of your team who could benefit from it can use it.

Small business management isn’t without its challenges, and startup owners and eCommerce store managers in competitive markets have it especially hard. But implementing automation in your inventory management and reporting through a mobile app empowers you to improve scalability, save time, and communicate better with your team. It makes you a better manager.