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First there was Facebook, then there was Twitter and now there’s Instagram. More and more companies have found they can pick up followers, fans and public interest by expanding onto the popular photo sharing social media platform. But managing an Instagram account can feel like foreign territory. Though growing in popularity, its usefulness remains a bit elusive to many business owners. These simple tools, however, could help you crack the code.


If you’re comfortable with the analytics of Facebook but you don’t know how to measure success on Instagram, Iconosquare makes it easy. The programs lets you find out which photos are making the biggest impact as well as managing conversations and customizing how you see your feed. It’s the perfect starting point for any company learning the Instagram ropes.


When you post can be as important as what you post. TakeOff allows you to schedule Instagram posts so they go up at the perfect time. You’ll be able to launch new campaigns and schedule each post well in advance, giving you and your ecommerce sales team the chance to be ahead of schedule.


Snapseed is a stripped down, basic photo editing tool perfect for those who want to make small adjustments without investing in expensive software. While basic, it covers all the essentials such as cropping, saturation levels and color adjusting.


Bring your Instagram posts onto your website with this handy little widget. You can embed posts and link to your Instagram account right onto your main website, attracting new followers.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured is an official Instagram tool that gives you a snapshot of how your posts and your company are doing on the website. If you combine this with data from your POS sales analysis software, you’ll easily be able to track the effects of marketing campaigns, promotions and special offers to see what’s hitting the mark and what’s not worth the trouble.