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What’s the most important part of any company? If you said ‘the customer’ you’re only half right. The truth is that it’s the people who work with customers who often determine just how successful a company is. You can offer the greatest product in the world, but if you have a staff that simply isn’t invested, then it simply doesn’t matter.

So how can you keep employees happy? The following pieces of advice can help you discover ways to improve employee morale no matter what your company size or industry.

Acknowledge a Job Well Done

Public acknowledgement of hard work is often seen as more important and rewarding than even a financial incentive. Make it a point to acknowledge the hard work of not only specific departments but also of individual people who go above and beyond. Encourage inter-departmental support by incorporating motivational quotesthat relate to one area into other departments.

Internal Intelligence

Many companies are now using business intelligence small business app to gain insight when it comes to various business decisions. Turn that crucial eye inward and use the same data collection and analytical methods to learn about overall employee happiness. You can conduct quarterly or yearly employee reviews where people are given the opportunity to fill out anonymous surveys.

Involve People Directly

Getting ready to roll out a new mobile app or invest in a small business app that promises to revolutionize your marketing strategy? Ask for input from people from any department affected by the change instead of just talking to managers or consultants. Make your employees a part of larger decision making and they’ll have a greater personal investment in the future of the company.

Tailor Benefit Packages

Forget across the board raises as the only way to entice employees. Today people are just as likely to want flexible time off, the ability to work from home, subsidized child care or on-sit amenities. Again, employee input is crucial here. Ask people what they’d like to see in terms of future benefits and use their suggestions to guide policy making.

Promote From Within

Show that your appreciation is more than just window dressing by actively promotion people from within the company. Look for tomorrow’s talent by making open positions available first exclusively within the company. Encourage people to apply to positions not only within their own department, but also across the board.