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Ecommerce is the best way for small businesses to grow. It helps to sidestep traditional costs and marketing barriers. Our philosophy is to develop software that makes online sales easier and profitable.

A few years back, entrepreneurs could only operate in brick-and-mortar stores. Thanks to the internet, we now have ecommerce. You can sell your product hundreds of miles away without having to meet up with your customers. But without inventory management software, ecommerce can be difficult and unproductive.

You need to track sales, orders, and deliveries in real time. You need to keep tabs on stock levels and know exactly when to place a new order or sit back and wait. With DataQlick, these are some of the things you wouldn’t worry about.

If you have been struggling with such issues, here are more reasons why you should try out DataQlick.

1. Automation

Relying on traditional inventory tracking tools like pen and paper is a sure way to waste time and money. In fact, studies have shown that the average data clerk makes one error for every 400 characters.

Excel, preferred by many small businesses in the modern world, is no holy grail. First, it cannot give real-time inventory data. Second, if you have several data clerks, only one can edit the Excel workbook at a time.

DataQlick brings pen and paper errors to an end. More than one employee can track and move items across several locations at the same time. The system simultaneously and automatically records changes in inventory and financial transactions. You are able to have a bird’s eye view of your business at a glance, regardless of the volume of transactions.

2. Accurate Demand Forecasts

To succeed in ecommerce, you need to accurately predict future demand. Trial and error methods or flawed inventory management software always lead to problems.

In the early 2000s, Nike’s inventory management system had bugs and data errors. Underproduction of key high-demand products and overproduction of slow-moving items followed. Within months, the company had lost over $100 million in sales.

Nike’s case shows the importance of getting forecasts right. You should be able to predict what your customers want by tracking sales trends. This is the key to continuous customer satisfaction. DataQlick is a tested and proven inventory tracking software. It records sales made on a particular day, month, or week. This way, you can identify key trends in consumer behavior and predict future demand.

3. Warehouse Organization

You may sell your product over the internet, but at the end of the day, you will still need to ship the item to the customer. A disorganized warehouse can cost your business thousands of dollars. The secret to running an efficient warehouse lies in the ability to arrange goods in order of the generated sales volume. Top sellers should be closest to the shipping area. Time is money, and taking too much time to locate an item amounts to loss of money. It’s important to have designated spots for each distinctive product. Storing stuff at random can be chaotic and even create confusion.

But good organization is not enough. You should be able to track incoming inventory and items shipped out in real time. DataQlick helps you to keep tabs on inventory movement in and out of the warehouse. You can locate a product at a glance. In fact, with just two clicks, you can transfer inventory from one location to another.

4. One System for Multiple Channels

It started with Gateshead SIS/Tesco. Now, we have many online sales platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. At present, more than two thirds of the U.S population has bought a product online at least once in their lives. Businesses are reaping big from Omni-channel retail. There’s no reason why you should not enjoy a piece of the cake!

Our inventory management system integrates with most online marketplaces and POS. DataQlick uses powerful algorithms to track transactions in every channel. Whenever an item sells on any one site, you get instant notification. Also, you can set prices and modify terms and conditions from one single dashboard.

5. Simplified Accounting

Accounting can be a challenging task even among big businesses. In fact, most companies have to recruit professional accountants. In small and medium-sized business, the aim is to reduce costs as much as possible, and this reflects in our online inventory software. DataQlick is compatible with popular accounting tools such as Quickbooks and Sage.

It doesn’t matter whether you receive partial inventory, make payments in advance, or create bills. The system records each transaction in an orderly, professional manner. You are able to keep an eye on expenses and purchase orders.

Ecommerce is not as simple as people tend to think. But with proven inventory management software like DataQlick, you can make the most of your ecommerce platforms. Contact us today, and begin your journey to success.