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Maintaining a blog and a social media presence can seem a bit daunting at first. But that’s only if you think of them as separate issues. In fact, your social media presence should work hand in hand with the original content you’re creating elsewhere online.

Creating original content is definitely one of the bigger investments most companies make when it comes to online campaigns. You want content that is informative, helpful and engaging as that makes it more likely to be shared through various social media channels. At the same time, you ant content that is fresh on a regular basis which is why a number of companies now employ small teams of writers to manage the create end of their online programs.

You also want to be engaging with customers and the public through your regular social media outlets. This includes not only small posts and passing along information from other sources, but also directly promoting your business. Maybe you use your cloud enabled small business inventory management software to target specific product for heavier campaigns. Or perhaps you use data collected from social media interaction to enhance business forecasting. The point is, you’re already using social media to boost other areas of your business, so why would your blog be any different?

Blog posts don’t have to be reposted through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media outlet — it just needs to be directed there. Post a small blurb about your newest blog post and then include a direct link. Cut down on space by using link shortening websites such as that also let you track where people are coming from.

Posting regularly to direct traffic to your blog also makes your commitment to blogging more concrete. After all, you’ll soon have a larger following looking for that next post which can keep you motivated to maintain the pace and keep those creative juices flowing.