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Fueled by new, user-friendly technologies such as cloud-based business analytics and inventory control and planning solutions, the e-commerce industry not only holds its ground against retail shops, but has also begun to win over their customers. In 2016 it is estimated that shoppers will spend $500 more on online stores. But to make money with an online store takes more than building an online shopfront, as Ian Daniel’s E-Commerce Get It Right!: Essential Step by Step Guide for Selling & Marketing Products Online makes it clear right from the start.

Written in a straightforward, candid style without unnecessary adornments, E-Commerce Get It Right! reads like a book written by a man who knows what he is talking about, and who has made many of the mistakes he cautions the reader to avoid and subsequently learned from them. Indeed, in his author bio, Ian Daniel explains he has 14 years of experience, building, managing, and selling e-commerce websites.

The book’s 228 pages are full of practical information, including tips, tricks, and strategies for building and growing a competitive e-commerce business in today’s tough online environment. Comprehensive in its coverage of e-commerce, E-Commerce Get It Right! guides you through the practicalities of starting an online shop, everything from business strategy to web design and user experience, and shows you how to engage visitors and convert them into customers, as well as how to accelerate growth.

The great value of this book is that it focuses on the practical aspects of creating, managing, and improving an e-commerce website, rather than on the theory. In other words, it equips you with the tools and techniques you need to address and solve some of the critical problems e-commerce business owners are facing, as well as to prevent common problems from slowing you down.

From finding the right web designer to marketing your business to the right audience to choosing a good inventory control and planning solution, Ian Daniel goes beyond the platitudes of business management in E-Commerce Get It Right! to cover all the crucial aspects of running an e-commerce business.

Whether you’re thinking about starting an e-commerce business or are struggling with an exiting online shop, E-Commerce Get It Right! is an easy and valuable read that, together with a reliable inventory control and planning solution such as DataQlick can help you reap the stupendous benefits of the flourishing e-commerce industry.