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David J. Piasecki’s book Inventory Management Explained: A Focus on Forecasting, Lot Sizing, Safety Stock, and Ordering Systems has touched upon all the key aspects of inventory management. This book begins with a thought that only when you invest time and efforts in understanding the discussed factors, you will be able to implement them in the workplace effectively. If you are an executive looking forward to an impressive promotion as the inventory manager, this book is your holy grail. Right from small business to big corporation with inventory management teams, this book will give everyone a new perspective to perform the task.

What to expect?

In little more than 350 pages, there are comprehensive topics and calculations that deal with inventory management planning and control. All your myths and assumptions about inventory management as a complicated science will debunk here. It has all the tools that will help you deal with challenges and setbacks that come with business inventories and reorder point inventory management.

Exhaustive Topics:

Every reader, be it a novice, amateur or a professional genius in inventory management, everyone will find something versatile and useful in this book. It presents the forecasting methods like the stock analysis, Trend Adjustments, comparing the Pull and Push Systems, Adaptive Smoothing and Weighted Moving Average, EOQ etc. at length.

Lucid Explanations:

Inventory management explains every concept especially forecasting in a lucid manner so that even the small business executives can understand and relate to it. This book doesn’t expect its reader to come from the inventory background to grasp the working. As long as you are comfortable in handling the spreadsheet, you are good to go with this book. It will take out a large chunk of work that involves manual calculations with its discussion on built-in tools.

Rigorous and Practical:

There are flippant examples used along with remarks that might make you feel out of context.
Nevertheless, it keeps a firm hold over the subject and is a rigorous and practical piece of work. When it comes to explaining calculations and simple tricks on inventory management, there can be nothing better than this book. While reading you will feel that it adapts your fashion in presenting you with inventory management solutions including reorder point inventory management.
All in all, this is the book for every person who is into inventory management. It is flexible and adaptable enough to cover different business backgrounds. Right from home-run businesses to retail chains, this book is very useful for inventory keepers and managers.