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Despite the best efforts of authors, television personalities and self-proclaimed gurus, there really is no secret formula that ensures business or leadership success. There are, however, some fundamental concepts that will increase your chance for success and improve your skills as a leader and a business owner.

Without fail, one of the biggest pitfalls in the business world are your personal blind spots. These can vary widely from one person to the next, which makes it a difficult subject for some business owners. But blind spots aren’t just about missing the importance of data or losing sight of business practice in the name of business success.

Instead, many of the common business blind spots can come from within. While business owners are smart to keep their focus on the business, identifying and dealing with these blind spots are just as important to business success as business planning.

With all of the common blind spots, being able to look outside yourself is a common theme. Whether it’s about looking for people with different talents and personalities in order to compliment yours instead of mirroring it. For man leaders this goes against their natural instincts to mentor people who remind them of themselves. But by including people who are more like your opposite, you’re not only giving them a different perspective and approach, you’re also learning to see things differently for yourself.

Another underlying theme to common blind spots has to do with introspection. Quite often, business leaders are so concerned about the bottom line and health of the business, they forget to turn that critical eye inward. Examining your own history, habits and shortcomings can often lead to inspiration and motivation. This type of exercise isn’t meant to bring you down but instead it’s meant to give you the tools you need to build.

Blind spots can hamper your ability to see the big picture by inducing tunnel vision. Being willing to listen to others, identify your own areas of trouble and create a collaborative and communicative teams provide a great foundation for avoiding this trouble. It also bonds your working team and creates a cooperative environment in which your company can thrive.