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Starting and running a business is never easy! Right from finalizing the business idea to setup and infrastructure, decision making needs to be done at every step. Small businesses have a fixed set of resources and they need to effectively use these resources across various segments of their business. With constraints, in terms of money and time, running a business becomes very challenging.

Are you planning to set up your own business ? Well, you should be aware of the commonly faced challenges so that you are prepared to face them. Being well-informed of the challenges will also help you in being cautious and prevent major disasters.

Here are some of the commonly faced challenges by small businesses —

  • Dependence — Small size businesses face intense competition, hence their client base is also limited. So, if more than 50 percent of the business revenue is generated from a single client, it is very risky for the business. They should diversify their client base for business growth.
  • Cash flow — It is not necessary that a business faces problems with cash flow when they are not profitable. Even profitable businesses face cash flow problems. Businesses should avoid getting their cash tied up in assets. They should device a system for smooth flow of cash and resources.
  • Competition — In this digital world, no business idea is unique or exclusive. Thus, every business segment faces intense competition at all stages. So, businesses need to prepare themselves to beat the competition. They should focus on client acquisition and retention.
  • Understanding of finance — Most business owners do not have knowledge of financial terms and concepts. So, they are unable to recognize indicators regarding health of their business. Without any finance knowledge, some business owners tend overspend without considering Returns on Investment.

No matter how hard you try, you will always face problems at some stage of business. Don’t give up hope! Seek expert help and advice, and tide your business over all troubles.

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