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If you are still looking at your business as a collection of various independent systems loosely connected to a profitable goal, a change of perspective is in order. The fact of the matter is that every part of a successful business is directly responsible for optimizing the other functions. There are no stand-alone areas when managing the modern business of any size.

As a business manager it is important to get an up close and personal view of these dynamics, if you are to fine-tune your processes for greater success. The interconnectedness of your social media campaigns and inventory management systems are a prime example of how one part of your company can directly affect another.

Just like all marketing campaigns, your social media scene will have a set of goals centered around increasing consumer interest and traffic which will lead to greater sales from physical locations and/or online stores.

When these plans are still on the drawing boards your inventory management system can play a crucial role in how smoothly and effective this campaign will be. It would be foolish to plunge ahead with a campaign without fully understanding how achieving your goals will impact inventory flow and the ordering and delivery processes you currently rely on.

The worst time to botch your order and delivery processes is right after you have increased attention from your customer pool. Having easy access to the sales data being collected from you various channels will give you clearer picture of how each specific product is being received by your targeted demographic. This data can be used to prepare your efforts for greater efficacy.

Another example is if you see that a specific campaign is suddenly proving very successful for a specific product, you can consult your sales history for the most popular item that has been sold with this product. By introducing complementary items to the same campaign you can increase your profits. Furthermore, your precision control will be a tribute to your campaign’s flexibility.

The takeaway here is that no aspect of your small business startup or multi-billion dollar conglomerate enterprise stands alone. By improving the way your warehouse team interfaces with their inventory management software and the way the crucial sales data it can provide is used and accessed, the cool function of every other aspect of your business is greatly optimized.