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Shopping online is easy, but owning and/or managing an online shop is just the opposite. Customers may be used to having their ordered products delivered at their doorstep in a matter of days, but in the background, between the purchase and the delivery, your online selling cycle works hard to ensure everything goes smoothly. One way to streamline your online selling cycle is by using a reliable re-order automation tool that integrates with your QuickBooks inventory app.

Minimum Reorder Points

Maintaining enough stock to meet demand while avoiding overstock can be very difficult for any e-commerce business. Matters are further complicated when the value of the stock, its perishability, or its storage requirements means that it has to be handled quickly and effectively. The re-order automation provided by an online inventory management system that integrates with QuickBooks helps you replenish stock naturally once it is depleted by automatically reordering items according to predefined parameters.

By doing so, such a system takes one big worry off your mind, helping you to focus on other aspects of your business. It also ensures that all orders customers place on your website are fulfilled, eliminating issues caused by product unavailability.

Optimal Inventory Levels for Every Item

Whether you have 10 or 1,000 products in your online store, they don’t all perform the same. Following the classic 80/20 rule, it’s likely that 80% of your sales are generated by 20% of your products, or thereabout. Therefore, the key to streamlining your online store selling cycle is to make sure that those key products (the precious 20%), are always available in optimal quantities.

You can’t do that if you don’t track inventory performance for every item in stock. With an advanced inventory app for small business you easily track stock performance, ensuring that re-order automation is in place, ready to maintain optimal inventory levels for your key products.

Configurable Lead Times

The lead time is the time it takes for your purchase order to be fulfilled by your supplier. Generally, the longer the lead time, the more inventory you have to carry, which can result in high inventory costs in time. Keeping track of lead times can be challenging, especially if you sell products from multiple vendors in different categories. An online inventory management system with integrated re-order automation helps you keep track of lead times and configure lows and highs for your standard order cycle.

Whether you’re selling clothes or mobile devices, fresh fruit or books, re-order automation technology is a powerful way to streamline your online selling cycle. DataQlick comes with built-in re-order automation to help you do just that.