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Few small businesses bother with inventory control planning in the beginning, but as they grow, they become increasingly aware of the difficulties of maintaining optimal stock levels and of the cost of the inventory mistakes they are making. That is the point at which for small businesses the search for the magical answers to inventory planning dilemmas begins. Whether you sell physical goods online or in a retail shop, you too may be looking for the same magical answers.

Getting Inventory Planning Right

Because inventory-related issues and challenges tend to become more and more serious as your business grows, it’s important to consider carefully the problem of inventory planning before it escalates and has a major impact on your sales and profits. A sales forecasting inventory tool can be one of the magical answers, while a capable online inventory system can be another. The best part is that you can get them two-in-one.

Sales Forecasting

A sales forecasting inventory tool builds upon the basics of sales forecasting, empowering you to do the more advanced forecasting that your business needs to avoid overstock, low stock, high inventory storage and management costs, and customer dissatisfaction. There was a time when a sales forecasting inventory tool was an enterprise-grade solution that only large companies could afford. But things have changed.

Now part of an online inventory system, a sales forecasting inventory tool makes it possible for you to draw on average sales levels, seasonal fluctuations, the rate at which new stock items sell compared to old inventory, and many other important factors to improve your inventory control planning. Such a tool replaces guesswork with data analysis and monitoring and graphs that help you make the right inventory planning decisions, at the right time.

Online Inventory Management

DataQlick is an advanced yet easy to use online inventory system for small business that features a powerful sales forecasting inventory tool, as well as a 2-tab inventory management and view feature which helps you better understand your inventory performance. More than that, it makes Sales and Forecast Recommendations for Individual items possible with just one click, serving as a straightforward and accessible sales forecasting inventory tool that presents the information you need to make better inventory control planning decisions in a clean and easy to digest format.