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Launching a new company is one of the most intense things you’ll ever do. It’s exciting, frightening, overwhelming and requires copious amounts of dedication, focus and drive. So it’s no wonder that there are dozens — if not hundreds — of books on the best ways to launch a start-up successfully.

Jeff Walker’s book Launch aims to make the entire process easier by laying out a plan for start-ups and first time entrepreneurs. The great thing about this book is that Walker knows his stuff and has a proven track record when it comes to making money and running a successful enterprise. As a result, his advice and insight is packed with real world wisdom and examples readers can not only understand but also can better relate to.

Launch isn’t just for start-ups, though. Walker’s advice can work for any business that’s looking to expand. His techniques are presented primarily for companies ready to take the initial plunge but they can easily work for an established business, as well. That includes companies that are getting more involved in ecommerce or starting to use multichannel inventory management in order to expand their presence in the marketplace both online and off.

The only downside to Walker’s book is that some of the information is already a bit dated. Walker does this to himself by including online links and references, which simply don’t exist when readers go to check them out. There’s some hope these may be updated in future electronic editions f the book, but for those with hard copies, these references can be a bit hit or miss.

When it comes to business advice, you could definitely do worse than Jeff Walker’s Launch. What he lacks in finer details and up to date resources, he makes up for with dynamic and easy to follow guidelines on launching and expanding a company. His advice is down to earth, sensible and, above all, proven to work.