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Number of connected channelsAny platform is a channel, Accounting system counted as a channel 123+
Number of usersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly ordersUp to 1000Up to 3000Up to 10000
Automated SyncRecord sales transactions into DQ and make quantity adjustments to all connected platforms for linked items. Real time processing when possible and 30-mins scheduled if not.real time*real timereal time
Record sales revenueRecord sales as ivoice or salesreceiptsRRR
Record marketplace feesTrack all Amazon fees and fees from any other connected platformRRR
Multi-channel inventory syncUpdate inventory quantity and prices from single dashboard for channels and accountingRRR
Record fees and expensesRRR
Products mapping (linking)RRR
Tax code mapping (linking)RRR
Full Accounting syncAutomatically sync all data into accouting system.RRR
Primary channel allowanceAllow to use any sales channel as primary and adjust inventory as needed from there.RRR
1-Click “Sync On Demand”Sync anytime and from anywhere to get the latest and greatest information om orders, item quantity, pricing and etc.RRR
Items measurements calculationCalculate on invoice total weight and cubic sq ft to assist in shipping decisionsRRR
Inventory history trackingGet visibiltiy on any quantity changes - who made it and when. Have ability to restore in one click.RRR
Inventory Cycle countsRRR
Reorder points managementRRR
Order managementExtensive filtering and searching abilities, import and export (csv), notes, pdf, email to customer or suppler.RRR
Support multiple payment methodsRRR
Backorders & sales ordersCreate invoices directly from sales orders. Track its status and make sure to account it in Demand visibilityRRR
Multiple price tiersAdded MSRP, Disctributor, wholesale and Special price tiers. RRR
Phone ordersRRR
Multi currencies supportRRR
Product Categories, Groups, BrandsRRR
Powerful tagging systemRRR
Class trackingRRR
Location trackingRRR
Print packing slipsRRR
POS (iphone app)Ability to use mobile device for POS transactionsRRR
Payment processing (Stripe) integrationAbility to connect user Stripe account to accept creadit cards and process payments directly.RRR
Purchase OrdersRRR
Support min ordersRRR
1-Click Recommended & Optimized PORRR
Partial receiptsRRR
Expiration dates assignmentRRR
Advanced & partial billingRRR
Landing cost managementRRR
Manage customer groupsRRR
Supplier/Vendor managementRRR
Barcode scanningAvailable currently on iOS app - DataQlick Mobile.RRR
Import and export dataRRR
iPhone appRRR
Assembly & work ordersRR
Inventory and non-inventory bundlesRR
Full integration with accounting systemProper processing of bundles and assembly ordersRR
Multi store and warehousesR
Inventory transfer ordersR
Inventory receiptsR
Multi-user access: roles and permissionsR
Custom developmentR
API accessR
List new products (pending)
Shipping labels integration (20 carriers)
Barcode scanningAvailable currently on iOS app - DataQlick Mobile.
Volume based price tiers
Discounted price tier levels
Email and chat support
Phone support

Pricing Plans – DataQlick Web application

14-day free trial. No credit card required to join. Cancel anytime.

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Additional transactions above your plan limit will be calculated at $35 per 1000 (billed separately)

Mobile app is included for free with a purchase of any web based price plans

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Pricing Plans – DataQlick Mobile
Mobile app is free with purchase of any DataQlick (web app) price plans.

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