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Finding ways to improve sales and performance is a never-ending struggle for company owners. Looking for problems and spotting mistakes can be hard when you’re looking out from the inside; therefore, we’ve rounded up three top mistakes many companies make in order to highlight potential pitfalls in your own operations.

  1. Skipping Website Promotions

There was a time when if you built a website, people would check it out even if you never promoted it. Those times are a thing of the past. Today, the Internet is so busy you need to promote yourself if you really want to stand out. So go ahead and build that amazing website, but then you’ll need to take an active role in promoting it and driving traffic to check it out.

  1. Foregoing SEO

Misconceptions about SEO marketing have resulted in many companies simply skipping it entirely. But SEO isn’t about high pressure sales or content that’s cut and pasted with a bunch of keywords thrown in. At its core, SEO marketing is about making thoughtful and creative content that informs and empowers customers while positioning your company as an industry leader.

  1. Letting Inventory Stagnate

Controlling and managing inventory is more demanding than ever thanks to multi-channel sales. Too many companies stick to old-fashioned inventory management that can easily result in double order, rain checks and backorders during their busiest seasons. Instead, invest in a cloud inventory management software for small business that integrates across all your sales channels to create real time information you can use to forecast sales and purchase needs.

These top three mistakes could be costing your company without you even realizing it. While it can be hard to spot from the inside, taking a step back and speaking to managers and employees could help you identify areas that could be improved. Start from the ground up to check for blind spots in your business strategy and you’ll be sure to gain perspective and improvement.