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What does 2016 hold in terms of marketing trends? This year most experts agree on a handful of trends that will make waves over the next year. These are the areas that are bound to be game changers.

Mobile Options

Mobile sales soared in 2015 and the coming year they are expected to grow even further. More and more people — particularly Millennials — are using mobile apps for purchasing.


Photo and video are earmarked to be a big deal in 2016. The rise of private bloggers who use amazing photography and well-made viral videos have raised the bar in terms of what people expect. Companies that want to be appealing won’t skimp on their visuals this year.

Going Beyond Google

This year, being searchable on Google won’t be enough to keep you ahead of the pack. According to a study, 88% of consumers check out online reviews and comments about a company or product. The ability to now search on social media platforms and video sharing sites has expanded how people connect with these comments.

Of course, focusing on these areas is only half the equation. The best marketing plans in the world won’t go far if there’s nothing holding them up. As technology changes the way people market themselves, it also changes the way they handle those changes. Being able to keep up with the results of a successful campaign means developing small business inventory plans that can react in real time. That means tracking inventory flow as closely as sales as a way of measuring success and staying ahead of shortages.

The emerging marketing trends for 2016 focus on sharing through technology. It’s the newest twist to the oldest principle of business — connecting with customers. At the same time, technology that helps deliver the service customers need has also improved making this a time when the newest challenges come with readymade solutions for companies who want to stay ahead of the game.