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Website conversion is the hot new trend that too few small business owners know about. Quite often, smaller companies think the hard part is simply getting someone onto their website when the true work only begins once they land on your home page.

When someone visits your site, they may be a happy browser, but the trick is turning them into an actual customer. This transformation is referred to as website conversions since your converting someone from a visitor into a client.

How does it happen? Well there are a few different approaches and here we’ve rounded up three of the easiest tips you can start using today.

A Simple Layout with Large Images

This sounds pretty obvious but many people are used to setting up pages with lots of text and smaller images. Sure that’s the way things were done originally but that was also back in the days of dial-up Internet connections when a page with larger images could take ages to load. Now larger images and less text gives a cleaner appearance, making your website look simple, streamlined and easy to navigate.

Accuracy Is Still Everything

One thing that hasn’t changed is keeping your website up to date. That includes notifications when an item is out of stock or even when it’s getting low. Incorporate your inventory management program so that you can highlight popular items that are likely to sell out fast so customers know to get an order in or be willing to wait.

Clear Call to Action Buttons and Links

You’ve given them the information, but it won’t do much good if they don’t know what to do. Make call to action items — shopping, ordering, adding to wish lists, etc. — easy to use and even easier to spot.

If you want to increase your website conversions, you absolutely need to spend some time updating and improving your website. That includes transferring these tips to any mobile website you offer as well as your main website. Then your customers will find you easy to work with on any device making you their Go To site when they have a need.