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No one said running a small business was easy, but for companies running multi-channel inventory and sales, the challenge is even greater. Juggling different streams of inventory and sales requires owners to be able to glean information on stock, inventory low and sales, both online and offline, as quickly as possible.

Inventory and sales management software was, for a long time, focused on one or the other. Recently, however, more and more companies are seeing the benefit of investing in one single, easy to access piece of software to handle both. We’re rounded up a few of the big names to help you decide what’s right for you.

  • Brightpearl — Brightpearl offers integration across big name websites like Amazon and eBay, including the special marketplaces for these websites in the U.S. and abroad. The software can handle multi-channel inventory as well, creating unique SKUs or bulk importing established information from existing marketplaces.
  • Cyber-Stockroom — Cyber-Stockroom is exactly what it sounds like, a cloud-based way for management and employees to have access to inventory information no matter where they are. The program also delivers on POS and sales analysis.
  • Clearly Inventory — Clearly Inventory is a web-based inventory management program designed with small businesses in mind. It focuses on stock levels and inventory management and does not offer much in the way of sales analysis.
  • DataQlick — DataQlick aims to deliver everything in one package. Their suite covers inventory management, stock notices, sales analysis and forecasting for small business.

These program suites each boast robust inventory management along with other benefits and analysis that target specific types of business. Most include a free trial of either the full software or some limited version making it easy for business owners to try out different options before committing to one package.

Looking for a robust inventory management program is no easy task, but with the wealth of options today the job is made easier. Determining how much streamlining you need and finding a user-friendly interface are often the first steps in finding the software that will be a perfect match for both management and employee needs.