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The Intuit QuickBooks accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses, popular because of its intuitive design, user-friendliness, and wealth of features, has grown over the years into the QuickBooks Enterprise solution, which offers end-to-end business management, including features such as payroll management, payments system, advanced reporting, and inventory and pricing. Now an Intuit QuickBooks app for inventory control and management is also available, as part of the QuickBooks online, subscription-based cloud solution.

The model on which the Intuit QuickBooks app for inventory control and management is based is a good example of the next-generation of tools for improving small business operation. Instead of having to buy an inventory management software and install it on computers in the office, the QuickBooks online inventory system provides users with access to all the essential inventory tools they need online, for a small subscription fee. Users can access the inventory app using a secure web browser logon from virtually any computer, whether at work or at home, as well as through mobile devices.

The Intuit QuickBooks app for inventory management includes extremely advanced features such as barcode scanning for quick data entry, FIFO inventory costing, serial number or lot number inventory management, easy inventory transfers between locations, effective item tracking, and more. These features can help your business save hours in inventory management every week, as well as reduce costs associated with manual inventory management, spreadsheet errors, or write-offs.

Cost- as well as time-effective, the Intuit QuickBooks app for inventory control and management available online helps streamline your inventory management process to make it more effective. If you run or manage a small business, this app can be for you the future of inventory management.