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Spreadsheets are useful office tools for many businesses, being widely used for accounting, inventory management, invoicing, and more. But the time-consuming nature of managing spreadsheets, the need for manually updating them, and the input errors they give rise to make them a far less effective tool than clouds apps.

Cloud apps are usually available as online software that you can use on any computer, as well as on mobile devices, regardless of your location. They are accessible, flexible, come with no deployment costs, and are replete with features. For example, an inventory app for small business available as a cloud solution can make inventory management a more streamlined process. It can come with automated features for eliminating repetitive tasks, as well as with advanced inventory tracking, barcode scanning, and many other tools.

Even as we speak, spreadsheets are slowly being replaced by cloud apps such as inventory apps for small business or cloud-based office productivity apps. Here are the main reasons why this is happening.

  • Cloud apps are mobile-friendly, enabling your team to work on the go using their smartphones and tablets. Many cloud apps offer native Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile applications.
  • Cloud apps such as inventory apps for small business are highly-intuitive and easy to use, featuring clean and well-ordered interfaces.
  • Cloud apps require less micromanagement, being extremely user-friendly and providing a smooth user experience.
  • Cloud apps are scalable and grow together with your business, offering excellent value for every dollar spent on them. Many cloud apps enable you to buy extra features and more storage space as you need them.
  • Cloud apps are optimized for international use, such as the NetSuite OneWorld accounting app, which supports different international tax jurisdictions for 190 countries.
  • Cloud apps make the switch easy, since they usually require no installation or hardware upgrades, only a compatible web-browser, and since they include data importing and exporting features and integrate with many other apps.

Cloud apps are indeed the future of spreadsheets — take advantage of their awesome power to stay ahead of your competitors.