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Improving your eCommerce inventory control doesn’t always require major investments or a switch to a different inventory model. There are a couple of simple things you can to streamline and improve your inventory. As you will see, using an inventory control mobile app can help you do these things faster. But even if you don’t use such an app yet, you can still benefit from the following strategies.

Get Real Time Updates

With an eCommerce business, products can move from warehouses and suppliers to customers faster than with other types of businesses, even when you factor in shipping times. Then there are also more returns and more items that get lost or damaged. For all these reasons, having access to real-time inventory data empowers you to make better decisions about when to order items and where to store them. Your inventory control can always be in sync with your actual physical inventory, leading to better order fulfillment rates and eliminating understock.

Use Dropshipping

With dropshipping you don’t have to keep inventory on hand – your supplier manages it for you. Dropshipping at least part of your customer orders will reduce your inventory carrying costs. It may also lead to faster order fulfillment, which in turn can boost customer satisfaction. Best of all, you eliminated some of the work that comes with ordering and managing stock. Check with your suppliers to see which offer dropshipping. Also, consider using a sales forecasting app to better understand on what product categories you can save the most money with dropshipping.

Manage All Your Inventory In One Place

Ideally, you want to centralize your inventory. You can use an inventory management app to manage multiple warehouses within the same visual interface. This will give you a better overview of your stock and help enforce the same inventory control practices across warehouses. You can do this even on mobile, so you can always maintain optimal stock levels.

With an inventory control mobile app like DataQlick, you can manage all your stock in one simple interface and get real time updates on it whenever you need to. You can also keep track of stock that’s being drop-shipped for you, and of the vendors that offer drop shipping. Find out more about DataQlick.